DIY Baby Shoes

DIY Fabric Baby ShoesOur newest little princess is due in a few weeks. That gives me a perfect excuse to try a new sewing project. I downloaded a pattern from Etsy for an adorable pair of little DIY baby shoes.

I used my Zing to cut the fabric and interfacing. I also cut heat transfer vinyl to add a little message to the bottom of the shoes.

  • Materials:
  1. Yellow Cap Blade for Fabric
  2. Red or Blue Cap Blade for HTV
  3. Sticky Mat
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Sewing Pattern
  6. Lightweight Cotton Fabric
  7. 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch Elastic
  8. Light – Medium Weight Interfacing
  9. Cotton Quilt Batting
  10. ThermoFlex Plus
  11. Iron
  12. Sewing Supplies
  • KNK Zing Settings:
    • For Cutting Fabric:
      1. Force – 100
      2. Multicut – 3
      3. Speed – 9
    • For Cutting HTV
      1. Force – 20
      2. Multicut – 1
      3. Speed – 10
  • Steps:DIY Baby Shoe Process
  1. Import or copy pattern into Make The Cut. (I imported pattern into Inkscape, ungrouped, and copied into MTC.)
  2. Apply fusible interfacing per manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Stick to mat, interfacing side down. Rub or brayer to make sure it is stuck down thoroughly.
  4. Apply masking tape around edge of fabric to secure to mat.
  5. Load mat and cut.
  6. Apply HTV to soles of shoe before constructing shoe.
  7. Follow instructions for sewing.


I could not get the pattern to import the way I wanted into Make The Cut, so I imported into Inkscape, ungrouped the sizes, and copied the pieces I needed into MTC. There may be a better way to do this, but I couldn’t figure it out. This process was very simple and worked great.

Make sure you use a sticky mat and tape the edges when cutting fabric. My interfacing was medium weight and required multiple cuts. (The fabric cut nicely but the interfacing was more difficult for the blade to cut through cleanly. It worked fine, I just had to pull it apart slightly after cutting.)

Next time, I will try a lighter weight interfacing. Not only did it require extra passes for cutting, it also created a bit too much bulk for such a small item. Since I made the shoes in the 0 – 3 month size, they are pretty tiny and the extra bulk made it difficult to turn them right side out and get a nice smooth look.

I like the idea of adding a message to the bottom, but next time I will make the font size a little smaller. It looked good when I created it in MTC, but after the shoes were completed, I felt the font was too big.

I can’t wait to make more of these sweet little shoes!

Baby shoes with text, "I was worth the wait".




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