Distressed Fall Wood Sign

While getting my fall decor out, I realized I didn’t have any wood signs.   A few shopping trips did render any that I liked.  I got the idea that I could raid my husband’s wood stash and make my own with what I wanted on it, in the colors that match my other decorations.



Materials used:



  • Force: 15
  • Offset: .35
  • Passes: 1



  1. Choose the font and images that you want for your sign.  I chose Times New Roman for the font and I pixel traced a clipart I found online. FallSign MTC
  2. Cut the project out of the material of your choice for a stencil.  I chose contact paper because its cheap and I didn’t have spray mask vinyl. stencil
  3. Transfer the stencil over to the wood using transfer paper. stencilon
  4. Carefully paint on your colors, making sure to paint towards the center of the cutout to avoid bleeding.                                    paintedsign
  5. While the paint is still damp peel off the stencil so you don’t pull off all the stuff you painted (made that mistake on another project).  Allow the paint to dry. stencilremoved
  6. Take 220 grit sandpaper to distress the paint making sure to use a new little piece for each color or you will mix colors.       distressedsign
  7. Display your new sign!                                  display


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