Disney Autograph Cards

After looking online at the Disney autograph books I decided there were too plain.  I wanted something a little more unique and substantial for my daughter to remember her first trip to Disney.  Since this trip is mainly to go see the princesses, I started with a few of her favorites.  I hope to get the pages done for all the characters that we are planning to see before our trip.  I will also take some blank pages for random characters we meet out and about that I can add borders to after.

cover photo autograph

Materials used:


Recollections Cardstock

  • Force: 65
  • Passes: 1

Bazzill Cardstock (textured)

  • Force: 100
  • Passes: 2


  • Force: 100
  • Passes: 1
  • Speed: 10/10
  • Offset: .25
  • Blade height: 25 post-its


  1. I couldn’t find a frame that I likes for the cards so I created my own with basic shapes and then found a pattern that corresponded with each specific princess.
  2. I found pictures of each princess and pixel traced them using both the blackout and texturize path selections.  Taking the time to adjust the resample, threshold, and despeck levels will pay dividends to the finished product.
  3. I used the print and cut feature to cut out out the characters.  Ensure you have calibrated the offset for the specific bladeholder you will be using in accordance with chapter 9 of the KNK Zing with MTC user manual.
  4. After everything was all cut out I  glued each one of the cards together using Double-sided Scrapbooking Adhesive Tape.

pieces zoom autograph

These are some of the some of the cards that I have made up so far.

ariel autograph sofia autograph cinderella autograph belle autograph

After I created them I realized I forgot that I need to put them into a book of some sort.  I think I may put them in a 12×12 scrapbook album with pictures from the trip.

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