Details Make a Difference

When I got my first KNK cutter, one of the things that I wanted to be able to do was to add some details to the shapes that I was cutting.  If I cut a flower, to me, it was just a flat, blah, silhouette of a flower.  It had no dimension to it and therefore wasn’t very pretty or interesting.  To add some details, I would add some cut lines to the interior of the shape to show some of the edges of the petals in the case of the flower.  Still that wasn’t enough detail to suit me.  The piece was still flat and still blah to me.

Since I was not a person who had done much with paper piecing for scrapbooking or card making, this was a whole new world to me.  After seeing a lot of examples of items that had details that others had made, I discovered chalk.  What a wonderful addition that made to my cut pieces.  Not only could I add shadows to edges with darker chalks, I could add highlights with lighter colors and even combine the dark and light chalks on the same piece to add the details that would provide dimension.

Here are some examples of cut pieces without and with chalk added.  These are shapes that I created to use on a recipe card.  I was very pleased with the difference just a bit of chalk made.


As you can see I still used the cut lines in the cardstock and the chalk enhanced those cut lines in addition to adding the dimension that I wanted.

Here is a picture of the completed recipe card to show how the finished pieces were used.


The little pitcher for the dressing is cut from clear acrylic with the printed recipe glued to the back of it.  The acrylic is the same as what was used in my previous post A Cactus in a Box.

4 thoughts on “Details Make a Difference

  1. Very nice, but I’m not sure how you got your “lines” to chalk. Did you use the embossing tool to make the ridges to chalk on? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

  2. Oh my gosh, how wonderful…and of course, its Judy Kay!!! Thanks for sharing this, Judy!!

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