Decorative Pen With Base

KNK, Omayra Duarte, pen, Craft Foam

This is a decoration for a pen made with craft foam. It is a reusable decoration where you will be able to replace your pen or pencil whenever you need to.

KNK, Omayra Duarte, Foami,

You can take the heart off of your pen or pencil and put it on the next one. So your pen will always look pretty and be close at hand on top of your desk.


Let start making this project:

The materials that we are going to use to make this project are:

Settings for KNK Groove-e

  • Force =  25 for Fun Foam
  • Force =  50 for the chipboard (Remember that this can vary so make test cuts before cutting the project)
  • Speed = 150


  1.  I chose a heart from the MTC Gallery, cut two of them and I adjusted to the size that I wanted the heart to be.
  2. Then I cut a little rectangle put it around the top of the pen so I am able to change the pen when it quits working.
  3. Once I covered the top of the pen with the piece of Craft Fun, I glued the two hearts together to the piece that already is attached to the pen leaving a small space open so I can fill it.
    Glue Heart
  4. Then I filled the heart a little bit with Poly Fil’.
  5. When the heart is filled and glued, it can be decorated as desired. I cut another heart smaller than the original heart and glued it on top.
  6. To make the base that is going to be holding the pen, I cut two scalloped circles and one circle of chipboard.
  7. I glued the three parts together placing the chipboard between the two scalloped circles.
    KNK, Omayra Duarte, Foami
  8. To make the pen holder, I cut a rectangle (W=8.40″ x H=2.5″) and drew some lines so the machine did not cut the entire stripe. Pen base
  9. Once the machine cut the rectangle with the lines, I folded it in half and glued the two long corners together.
  10. Then I rolled that piece so that I can put the pen inside and it will stay upright. Make sure that the bottom is nice and flat so it will glue nicely to the base.
  11. Next, I glued a stripe to the bottom of the pen holder to cover any imperfections so that it looks nice.
  12. Lastly, I glued some hearts to decorate and I covered the pen with ribbon.
    Pen holder

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