Decorate Your Own Clothes Using DecoSPARKLE (Video)

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If you LOVE Sparkles and you have a digital cutting machine, why not Decorate Your Own Cloth Using DecoSPARKLE? Or if you have old clothes which you want to make look different, this is a good way to do it. In this case, I decorated jeans with DecoSPARKLE. Because it was an old pair of jeans. I also cut it to make it short. But this is a really fun project.

Materials that I used to Decorate Your Own Clothes Using DecoSPARKLE were:


  • Blade = Red
  • F = 8
  • V = 150


  1. This is a file that I found in MTC and brought it to SCAL to add some flowers and butterflies.
  2. Then, I measured the area of the pant where I wanted to place the design. And I made the design that size.
  3. I cut the DecorSPARKLE in mirror image
  4. After the machine cut the heat transfer material, I then preheat my pant.
  5. Then, I placed a teflon pillow between the fabric of the leg of the pant. So my hem does not prevent my heat press to press my design flat.
  6. Then, I placed the design on top of the pant, covered it with the Teflon sheet and pressed it at 300 degree for 12 seconds.
  7. Finally, I had to put the pant aside until it cool down, due to the DecoSPARKLE material having to be removed when cool..

Then, I ended cutting my pants and making turning them into Shorts, LOL.

Click here for a step by step Video (Has clik aquí para ver el video del paso a paso)

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