DecoFLOCK Quilt Label

Deco Flock Quilt Label

Our quilting ancestors rarely added labels to quilts or even signed them for that matter. But today’s quilters sign their works of art with labels for many reasons; to document the maker and date of creation, as identification of ownership, or as a reminder of a special event for which the quilt was a gift.

I recently finished a baby quilt for a grand-nephew on his 1st birthday. It was supposed to be for his birth, but hey, he is lucky he got it before his high school graduation!

For children’s and utility quilts, I often use ink jet printed fusible fabric since I don’t’ expect that it will be handled gently and will not likely become an heirloom item.  The focal fabric of this quilt featured baby chicks so I hit upon using the DecoFLOCK to add some fuzzy texture to the quilt label instead of my usual label.

CWest_Chicken Little Label



Blue – KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Thick Material Blade

Fabric square bonded with fusible web for fabric

Label Design

  • I designed the label in Make The Cut! Software by downloading the frame file from the Gallery (Frames #3999 submitted by Design Elements User ID 13531).  And added a SVG of three little chicks I had (Samatha Walker 3 Chick Border)


  • Next, I created a shadow layer of the chicks and then welded just the shadow to the frame.

shadow layer weld

  • Some text for the label in the center and then joined to the frame.

Letters   Join_layer

  • On a separate layer, I joined the original chicks to a rectangle for ease in weeding.

yellow chicks

  • After mirror imaging  the layers, cut the frame and text layer out of brown DecoFLOCK and the chicks out of yellow DecoFLOCK using these settings;

Maxx Air Settings

Blade = Blue, Blade height = 25

Force = 70

Velocity = 400

# Passes = Disabled

Blade Offset = .35

  • For the label center, I bonded the fabric square with fusible web and then heat set it to the quilt back. The frame was then lined up with the fabric square so that it covered all the raw edges of the fabric and then heat set according to the DecoFLOCK material instructions. The yellow chicks were then lined up over the shadow chicks on the frame and heat set in place.

CWest_Chicken Little Label

I loved the fuzzy texture of the label. So I cut out 4 more sets of the chicks in DecoFLOCK and used them as appliqué on the quilt top and on the front of the gift card too!

CWest_Chicken Little_Quilt Chicken Little Card_sm


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