Deco Sparkle™ – Heat Transfer (Iron-on) Vinyl

Deco Sparkle™ is a holographic heat transfer vinyl that will add Pop and Shine to your projects! While it adheres to nearly any fabric except nylon, it is not recommended for applications where you need ‘stretch’.


Deco Sparkle, like most iron-on vinyl, is cut in reverse and the carrier is removed after application. This means you put the bright side down on your mat and cut on the dull side. You can use either a standard blade or a thick material blade – but this material will require higher pressure than a simple, one-color heat transfer vinyl. Make test cuts to ensure proper settings for blade exposure, speed and force.

Deco Sparkle should be applied with even pressure at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-12 seconds. Use a teflon sheet to prevent damage to the design. The carrier sheet is peeled off when its cooled. If the vinyl starts to come off with the carrier, simply increase pressure and reapply heat.


Deco Sparkle can be combined with other materials for additional eye-popping effects (See Team KNK post on 16 September 2013). However, it cannot be layered.

As with most heat transfer (iron-on) applications*, wash garments inside out in cool/cold water.

* Iron-on Flock is the exception


Decosparkle rainbow web

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    • You can adhere to cotton, polyester, fabric blends, lycra, wool,and linen. It is NOT recommended for nylon, dazzle cloth, shiny polyester, or moisture-wicking materials.

      This is the type of iron-on that does best with individual letters versus, for example, a long connected letter design.

  1. What is the best way to secure to my cutting mat? I have a zing but have never used for cutting vinyl. Pls help.
    Thank you.

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