Cutting a Rubber Stamp with KNK Zing

I have wanted to try cutting a rubber stamp with my KNK Zing since my daughter gave me a gift of a Silhouette Stamp Kit. The kit included 3 sheets of stamp material, 3 acrylic blocks, and some ink. It has waited patiently in my craft room for me to get around to trying it out.

KNK Zing Rubber StampWanting a label for my flour sack towels was just the impetus I needed to get going on this fun project. I am working on solidifying a brand for myself and wanted something rustic looking. I think it turned out pretty cute and has just the “handmade” look I was after.

  • Materials:

  1. Make The Cut
  2. Rubber Stamp Material
  3. Red Capped Blade
  4. Ink Pad
  5. Paper
  1. Force – 38
  2. Multicut – 2 (My blade was not new so you may only need 1 pass with a newer blade.)
  3. Speed – 10
  • Steps:

  1. Import or open design file in MTC. (A simple file without much detail would work best.)
  2. Carefully place rubber sheet on cutting mat.
  3. Cut file
  4. Remove design from mat and place on acrylic stamp block…. or DSC_0842
  5. Since my design was a little complicated, I found it easiest to remove outer portion of rubber from design, then place block on my cut out stamp. I pressed the block down firmly and then was able to carefully lift block with stamp adhered to it, off of the mat. (My mat was not too sticky or this would not have worked.)
  6. Weed excess stamp material out of your design.Cutting a Rubber Stamp with KNK ZingCutting a Rubber Stamp with KNK Zing
  7. Use stamp pad to add ink to your stamp. I had best results when I added the ink by gently tapping the ink pad to the stamp. When I pressed the stamp onto the ink pad, I was not able to get the results I wanted and ended up making a mess. (I am not at all skilled in stamping, so you may get better results.)
  8. Stamp your paper.
  9. If you want, you could use your Zing to cut around your stamped image. I just cut mine with scissors and was okay with it not being a perfect cut. I used a hole punch to put a hole on either side to lace my twine through.Stamped Label from Rubber Stamp

Since I’ll be making a lot of labels, I will stamp several out on white card stock. I can then make copies onto my brown kraft paper without having to stamp every one. I’ll have a few different ones so they aren’t all exactly alike, and it will also allow me to to resize the design if I want.



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Laurie Nash is a retired Occupational Therapy Assistant. She is also a wife, mother, grandmother, and lover of arts, crafts, and design. She uses Inkscape and Make the Cut for designing. Her KNK Zing keeps her busy cutting, and she is now the proud owner the new KNK Force.

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