Cute Witch {Layout}

“You had the power all along my dear” – Glenda the good witch


Today our project is a themed Halloween layout!  For me, the creative process works like this:

Step 1:  Using a pencil and paper – sketch my layout.

Step 2:  Recreate my sketch in the KNK Software.  This helps me determine the scale of my die cut shapes.


Notes:  I love to “frame my layouts and choose a sheet of 12×12 cardstock as the foundation for my page and layer a 11.5×11.5 cardstock as my “canvas.”  I’m a big fan of die cut titles…if the project is something that I need to recreate many times I will choose a font that can be welded.  This is a ONE and DONE layout, so I opted to work with individual letters.  A brewing  caldron with witch shoes was the perfect compliment to my cute witch photo.  I create all my cutting files by scratch using a node by node method (please review my prior posts if you need direction on how to do this.)

Step 3:  Add photo(s) and embellish!  I used a striped straw as witch legs and tucked them into the separate top piece created for the cauldron.  I glued witch shoes to the front and back sides of the shoes and tied bakers twine around them. 


Step 4:  Embellish more!  I cut doubles of each bat and secured the first to the page and added the second one directly on top using a foam pop-dot.  I bend the bat wings and added bling for eyes.




Blue cap / thick materials blade


I keep my 15″ KNK Maxx settings at Overcut 15 & Trailing Blade 20 because I only use my machine to cut paper.

Please visit the KNK Gallery on my website to see more projects that I have created using my Klic N Kut.

Photo:  Courtesy of Petrini Photography

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14 thoughts on “Cute Witch {Layout}

  1. Really a cute LO. I like the use of the bling for the bubbles from the cauldron. Would not have thought about using stitching for the fire. Clever. The cute witch photo was a nice addition.

  2. Hi Omyra: I didn’t use any vinyl on this page. I used straws for the witch legs. They were purchased with the stripes on them. Thanks for your sweet comments!

  3. Just looking at the page again. I see so many other details I missed the first time. Really great!

  4. Susan, another Great layout. I loved the witches legs and the cauldron fire. Of course the saying is one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes. Great job.

  5. So creative! Love the witches shoes sticking out of the cauldron. The straws are perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your cute idea.

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