Cut Fabrics for OESD’S Haunted House with the Klic-N-Kut


Use your Make-The-Cut software and Klic-N-Kut cutters to cut the fabrics for OESD’s Haunted House. The house is comprised of 15 separate pieces that are made up of freestanding lace and applique.  The finished size measures 8.5″ tall  and has a footprint of 6″ x 6″.  The hole in the bottom is sized for a tea light to project light in its windows.


  • Purple, Black, Light & Dark Grey Polyester Satin or Dupioni Silk
  • Yellow/Gold Polyester or Silk Organza
  • Black Isacord Embroidery Thread
  • OESD Black Medium Weight Tear-Away Embroidery Stabilizer was used for Satin or Silk
  • OESD Stabil-Stick Tear-Away used for Organza
  • Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick Fusible Web
  • 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray
  • Water-Soluble Stabilizer or Film Water Soluble Stabilizer



  • Maxx Air:  Force = 50; Offset = .75; Speed = 150; Passes = 1; Blade Height =25
  • Zing!:  Force = 65-90; Offset = .75; Speed = 9/10; Passes = 1-2; Blade Height = 25


  1. Each piece of the haunted house, when stitched out, is a combination of lace and fabric appliqué.  The first step is to make the fabric appliqué shapes that will be cut on the KNK and included in the design. Steps, using my Bernina Artista V6 software, are available as a PDF.  If you have a different software, hopefully my process will be an inspiration of what might be possible with your software also.
  2. Prepare fabrics for cutting
    1. Iron the Steam-A-Seam 2 to one side of the Black Stabilizer
    2. Remove the Steam-A-Seam 2 paper from the Black Stabilizer – this will leave one side of the Black Stabilizer sticky
    3. Iron the sticky side of the Black Stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric
    4. Your fabric is now prepared for cutting
  3. Cut fabrics into appliqué shapes
    1. The cutting mat needs to be very sticky
    2. Place the fabric on the cutting mat with the Black Stabilizer side next to the mat and the fabric facing up
    3. Fabric is now ready for placement in the embroidery as an appliqué
  4. Embroidery steps
    1. Hoop the embroidery hoop with Water-Soluble Stabilizer or Film Water Soluble Stabilizer
    2. Fill the bobbin with the same thread that you are using in the needle
    3. Begin embroidering on the hooped Water-Soluble Stabilizer.
    4. The embroidery machine will automatically stop for the addition of an appliqué fabric shape
    5. Spray the Black Stabilizer side of the fabric with the 505 Temporary Adhesive
    6. Place the Black Stabilizer side of the fabric in the designated place in the embroidery design and continue sewing.  

Repeat the above steps for each piece in the design.  When complete, follow the directions in the pattern for washing away the Water-Soluble stabilizer, drying and assembling them into a haunted house.

This is a fun project, especially because the KNK Maxx Air and Zing cut all my fabric pieces perfectly to the size required by the embroidery design.  Being able to cut my applique shapes to the exact size needed with my KNK cutters has revolutionized the accuracy of my applique embroidery on the embroidery machine. 


26 thoughts on “Cut Fabrics for OESD’S Haunted House with the Klic-N-Kut

  1. Fantastic, Lynn!!! What an outstanding application of our cutters. The tutorial is very detailed and clear. The pictures are great. The finished project is just beautiful! Thank you for a complete package. I’m sure your grandkids will love it.

  2. I was lucky enough to be able to watch Lynn work on this house, and see the final outcome! OMG! it’s AMAZING!

    • Lynn, I love this! I would lovetomake it also, but I have couple of questions. What is OESD? Did the pattern come from your embroidery machine? I recently purchased a machine but am still learning to use it. Would it be too hard for a novice to sew?
      TIA, Sandy H

      • Sandy, OEDS it is a company that does embroidery designs. If you click on the words up top they are a link to the store that sells them.

  3. What a pleasant surprise! I was visiting Lynn when she was creating the cut-outs on KNK and Make The Cut. It turned out absolutely beautiful!

  4. Absolutely fantastic looking. I don’t know the first thing about embroidery but this just turned out amazing!

  5. This is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! What an awesome job. Love the light glowing through. Thank you for showing us.

  6. Lynn…I am so in awe…this is an incredible work of ART!!! Wow! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  7. OMG Lynn You are going to surpass me as the Halloween Queen if I don’t watch out!!!!
    This is absolutely the most stunning Halloween piece I’ve EVER seen made out of “cloth” and embroidery thread. It makes me wish I had an embroidery machine. I cannot put into words how fantastic I think this house is. The colors are so Halloween and with the white ghost, bat, moon in the door and purple added it makes it this scary Halloween house…. and with the tea light at night, I’ll be it is scary for little kids. YES, YES, YES!!!! I can hardly wait to see this in person. Love it, Lynn. This one is over the top. Thanks so much for sharing (and giving me this superb Halloween thrill).

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