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I have a couple packages of Klic-N-Kut Printable Vinyl that have been nagging me to make something with them.  Finally my brain kicked into gear and came up with an idea – custom stamps or stickers.  Since I think being able to cut a stamp shape with all of the little notches is a fun idea, I decided to make a page of my own stamps.  Of course you could make stamps or stickers in any shape or size that you want.

I made my stamp 1 1/2″ wide and 1″ high.  That way I could get 50 stamps on one sheet of the printable vinyl, have enough margins on the perimeter to print the registration marks for my Print and Cut and even have enough space between the rows and columns that the stamps could be cut apart while they were still on the backing sheet.

The stamp shape was created in my KNK Studio software using the Shape Tools, the Transform/Fit Object to Path and the XOR Weld.  The Array function was utilized to check and make sure the stamp shapes would fit on the page as I wanted them to.

Then I was on a mission to find graphics and sayings for my stamps.  I scoured the Internet for free vector images without a lot of success.  I found a bit of a mother lode on the Microsoft Office Clipart site.  And recently there have been postings on the MTC Forum giving instructions and hints for customizing a Google search to make images easier to find.  I created my graphic files using Inkscape.

With my graphic files and my stamp shape all prepared I was ready to create my stamps.  I used the Make The Cut software to create my stamps and for the Print and Cut operation.  Getting the stamp shape and its associated texture rectangle from KNK Studio to MTC was a matter of copying them in KNK Studio and doing a Paste-In-Place in MTC.

In MTC I added the graphic files and text to the texture rectangles then duplicated the stamp shapes and texture rectangles to fill the rows across the page.  I chose to use different graphics and text for each row of stamps.  When I had filled the page it looked like this.

StampsMade-Optimized You can see the registration marks for the Print and Cut in the corners of the page.

Since I had not calibrated the laser on my 15″ Maxx Air, I consulted the User Manual and made the necessary adjustments so the cut would be accurate.  As a additional check, I used the Print Wireframe Option to print a black and white copy of my stamp page that I then cut with the Print and Cut feature of MTC.  Here are a few stamps from my wireframe test cut.  I was very happy with the accuracy of the cuts.


The ‘real thing’ (page of stamps) was printed, placed on a mat, and cut.  This is a scan of the stamps after they have been weeded.  Unfortunately if I increased the brightness so they look white, the cut lines disappear so you get to see them in this lovely shade of gray.


If you have ever wanted to have custom stamps or stickers for something, this is a great way to make them.  With the versatility of the KNK Studio and MTC software, the Printable Vinyl from KNKUSA, an inkjet printer, and your KNK cutter you can make them whatever size and shape you want with whatever you want printed on them.

They would be the finishing touch to a package of birthday cards or note cards you made for a gift.  And think what fun the little ones would have with some stickers with their picture on them.

Their uses are endless and I hope I’ve planted the seeds of inspiration for you to create some stamps or stickers of  your own.

The wireframe printout was printed on copy paper and cut on a 15″ Maxx Air using a red cap blade, force = 15, speed = 150, offset = .35, blade height = 25 Post-It-Notes, and cut type = Print and Cut.

The printable vinyl was cut on a 15″ Maxx Air using a mat, a red cap blade, force = 10, speed = 150, offset = 35, blade height = 25 Post-It-Notes, and cut type = Print and Cut.

The stamp shape with it’s associated texture rectangle and a PDF format tutorial with a detailed step by step process for creating the stamps can be downloaded from the links below.

Cut Files – Stamp Shape & Texture Rectangle_JudyKay

Custom Stamps- Stickers_JudyKay



20 thoughts on “Custom Stamps/Stickers

  1. Very Nice! Awhile back…maybe 3 to 4 yrs before I got my Zing. I made real postage stamps with a picture of my granddaughter on it. They cam out beautifully. If I remember right, I got my software right from USPS. Yours are very cute.

  2. I love your stamps! And now I have a question. Does the print hold up well on the printable vinyl or does it smear easily? Is it fairly waterproof or would moisture cause it to run? I wasn’t sure if it would be useable for packages going through the mail or how it would hold up under kid usage. Thanks!

  3. Judy,
    Once again you have stepped up the creativity with this nifty project. I make stickers a lot on my own but love your tutorials and how your stamps turned out. I have only used sticker paper. This is a really cool idea. Thanks for sharing and for sharing the tutorials. I love your stamps. They are so colorful and have great sayings.

  4. What a wonderful idea. I will have to get some of this vinyl. Thank you for the file.

  5. Hey, that’s cool! I would have never thought of making custom stamps.

    Love it!

    • Chad, can you answers my questions about the printable vinyl durability? Does it smudge easily? Does it withstand water and moisture so it could be used on the outside of packages?

  6. Print and cut is wonderfull. I love to use print and cut, there are so many ideas to do with this. I love your project, thank you for sharing

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