Create Faux Rhinestones Using DecoSparkle

Create Faux Rhinestones with DecoSparkleI’ve been tempted to add rhinestones to baby bodysuits, but I didn’t want to take a chance of baby putting them in her mouth. So instead, I decided to try some faux rhinestones using ™DecoSparkle heat transfer vinyl.

It’s pretty simple to make your own faux rhinestones using Make the Cut software. If you prefer, you can use my free Blackeyed Susan file.


  1. Infant Bodysuit
  2. ThermFlex Plus HTV
  3. DecoSparkle HTV
  4. Make The Cut 
  5. Red Capped Blade
  6. Iron or Heat Press

Settings for KNK Zing:

  1. Force – 18
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 1 or 2

Steps :

  1. Use my free file or
  2. Open or Import file in Make the Cut. Make sure you reverse your design if you have any text.
  3. Select portion of design that you want to add “rhinestones” to
  4. Right Click > Shape Magic > Rhinestones
  5. When box pops up, choose size and spacing. You can choose either Fill Shape or Outline. Click on Delete Original.Rhinestones Make the Cut Box
  6. Select Preview on Mat to make sure it looks the way you want it to.
  7. Don’t worry if some things don’t look exactly the way you want them to because you will be able to adjust that.
  8. RhinestonesClick Accept.
  9. Select “rhinestones” design. Ctrl > P to split. Now you can adjust/delete/add any “rhinestones” as needed.
  10. Now use your heat press or iron to apply HTV according to manufacturers instructions. (Make sure iridescent HTV is applied last if you are layering, as you cannot layer on top of this vinyl.)

Our little princess loves her new bodysuit with the faux rhinestone bling!!

Creat Faux Rhinestones


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