Crazy Crystal Colors – Heat Transfer / Iron-on Vinyl

Crazy Crystal Colors is a thick heat transfer/iron-on vinyl that adds dimension and a brilliant shiny surface to your design. Crazy Crystal Colors are transparent so the underlying color of the fabric shows through. What’s really spectacular about this product is that you can layer it over your colored iron-on vinyls to create an entirely different appearance.

Heat Transfer / Iron-on Vinyl

Crazy Crystal Colors, like most iron-on vinyl, is cut in reverse and the carrier is removed after application. It’s important to determine which side is the carrier, especially when using the clear color – you can do so by peeling up a corner if needed. Use a thick material blade on Crazy Crystal Colors – and because of its thickness you will use a higher pressure than a standard colored iron-on vinyl. Make test cuts to ensure proper settings for blade exposure, speed and force.

Crazy Crystal Colors should be applied with even pressure at 340-350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 seconds. Use a teflon sheet to prevent damage to the design. The carrier sheet is peeled off when its cooled. NOTE: It is imperative that you do NOT apply heat twice to this material or you will lose the glossy effect. This can be resolved by using scraps on an old rag to practice the application.

Heat Transfer Iron-on Vinyl

As with most heat transfer/iron-on applications, wash garments inside out in cool/cold water.

Stop back later to see my project using Crazy Crystal Colors Heat Transfer!

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