“Cookies for Santa” Personalized Plate-Mug

"Cookies for Santa" Personalized Plate-Mug, Omayra Duarte A “Cookies for Santa” Personalized Plate-Mug makes for a great compliment to Santa’s milk and cookies. It was a great project that I enjoyed doing with my granddaughter. She was very excited when I told her that I would be adding her name to the plate where she would be leaving the cookies for Santa. When she knew that I would add her name to it, she asked me to add “Love you Santa”. "Cookies for Santa" Personalized Plate and Mug, Omayra Duarte

The back of the mug is also to be customized with the same name. This is the name of my niece, she also has a plate with her name.

Materials to make the “Cookies for Santa” Personalized Plate-Mug:

Settings KNK Groove-e:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 8
  • V = 150


  1. I measured the plate and the mug to know the size of the space that I had to apply the letters and/or design.
  2. I chose what I wanted to add to the mug and the plate.
  3. Then, I cut it out of vinyl.
  4. After it was weeded, I added the transfer tape.
  5. I cleaned the plate and the mug with alcohol and then placed the vinyl on them.

The most Beautiful thing of all was to see the face of my granddaughter and my niece who is just 3 months old.


SVG Santa Milk Cup

6 thoughts on ““Cookies for Santa” Personalized Plate-Mug

  1. Love this idea. What kind of vinyl did you use? The plate and mug turned out very nice. I have Godchildren who would love this.

    • Hi Lynn, Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I get the vinyl from knkusa.com. If you make a click on top of the word vinyl, it would take you to the website from where I get the vinyl. It is really long lasting material.

    • I attached for you the file to make the mug. The Fonts used are Monotype Corsiva and Arial. Your grand-kids will love this project. My granddaughter is six years old and she was helping me while I was doing this project. When she saw that I was adding her name to the plate where santa would be getting the cookies, She was sooooo Excited. You will see the happiness of your grand-children.

  2. Isn’t it just the best to make personalized gifts! These turned out so cute, I am sure Santa will enjoy them also.

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