Coloring Page Baby Bibs


Our Littlest Princess

I recently hosted a baby shower for this sweet little princess and her mommy. Since there were several young girls there, I wanted to have something fun for them to do. I decided to make some coloring page baby bibs that they could color for the new little one.


  1. Baby Bib Blanks
  2. Fabric Pens
  3. Black ThermoFlex Plus
  4. Red-capped Blade
  5. Make The Cut Software
  6. Coloring Page SVG (Outline with lots of white space)
  7. Heat Press or Iron

Settings for KNK Zing:

  1. Force – 18
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 1


  1. Import or download a file from MTC
  2. If outlines are too thin, use the shadow function to make them the appropriate thickness. Edit > Shape Magic > Shadow LayerColoring Page Baby Bib - Adjust the Outline
  3. Cut and weed ThermoFlex Plus
  4. Use heat press or iron to apply to baby bib. (Follow manufacturers instructions and/or look here for more details.)
  5. Use the fabric pens to color the pictures.Coloring Page Baby Bibs

The coloring page bibs were a great success! The girls loved coloring them. I wish I had pictures of them decorating them, but I somehow missed capturing that during the baby shower.This turned out to be a great shower activity, and although I geared it for the younger crowd, I’m sure the women would have enjoyed it just as much.

3 thoughts on “Coloring Page Baby Bibs

  1. I LOVE your coloring book items! Did 2 shirts for my 4 yo granddaughter for her bday a few months back and they were a hit. Just used regular siser easyweed on 100% cotton t’s. Gave them with washable Crayola markers. The 4yo and little sis that’s almost 3yo share the shirts and take turns coloring. Best of all the washable markers completely wash out so the shirts can be colored, worn, washed, “traded”and colored again. The designs I used were from a free online printable coloring book page site and worked perfectly! …of the girls favorite “characters”. I’d post a pic but not sure how to do it here – :-/

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