Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder

I was giving Starbucks gift cards this Christmas and wanted a better gift card holder than the little red envelopes that they give out.  I couldn’t think of a more fitting vessel for a coffee gift card than a coffee cup made from cardstock.




  • Force:  65
  • Offset:  .25
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Passes:  1


  1. Design the coffee cup using basic shapes in MTC
  2. Cut all the pieces out and print and cut if you want names on the cup.  I used  the same settings for the cardstock and the scrapbook paper since it was thicker paper.  If you use thin scrapbook paper just layer it with cardstock to make it sturdy.       card-holderimg_9675_4916
  3. Glue the edges of the coffee cup together so the inner piece slides in and out.
  4. Place the gift card in the slits and slide it in.              card-holderimg_9676_4918

I also slightly flared the edge of the top so it will easily fit on the cup.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Cup Gift Card Holder

  1. I will be making another one tonight so I’ll get pictures of that one. Sorry my 4 month old wasn’t having bedtime so I had put it together quickly.

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