Clothing Label

My baby girl started kindergarten this year and putting names on her sweatshirts and jackets is a new thing to me.  She has already left a sweatshirt on the bus and my sister had asked me if I wrote her name in it.  I hate writing names on the tags of clothes because what if I sell it and the next person doesn’t want my kid’s name on their stuff.  My husband, who is under the deep blue sea, said why don’t you make a tag to sew on the tag of her clothes.  Duh why didn’t I think of that.  Yeah I could just take a pen and write her name on a piece of ribbon or fabric and sew it in but what fun is that!!  And custom printed ribbon is so expensive.



Glitter HTV

  • Force:  17
  • Passes:  2
  • Blade Height:  25 Post-its
  • Speed: 10/10

Regular HTV

  • Force:  15
  • Passes:  2
  • Blade Height:  25 Post-its
  • Speed:  10/10


  1. Create your label in the program of your choice, I used MTC
  2. Cut out your HTV                                             
  3. Adhere the HTV to your fabric or ribbon using either a heat press or iron, I used an iron
  4. Cut your fabric or ribbon to the size you need
  5. Attach your newly created label to your clothing.  I chose to use stitch witchery since my sewing is not that great.