Clever Idea!

My friend Lynn and her grand daughter were making cards together.  One of the cards was a birthday card with the letters for the word “BIRTHDAY” cut separately out of different colors of glitter paper and placed at wonky angles to form the word.


In order to be sure that the letters were placed where they were supposed to be, Lynn created the layout for the letters in actual size in the MTC software and printed it out from the program.

MTC Layout

She then marked vertical lines below each letter showing the edges on each side and wrote the letter in the space between the lines.  The next step was to cut the marked print out below the letters with the cut going around the shape of the base of the letters.  This provided a template that could be placed on the cardstock base for the placement of the letters. Notice that there are two sets of lines for the “h” – one for each leg.

Optimized-Template As you can see from the picture at the beginning of this post it worked great!  Since they were making multiples of the cards, I am sure it made the assembly process much easier and insured that all of the cards looked alike.

Thanks to Lynn for sharing her good idea and pictures for this post.

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