Christmas is Wrapped Up!

I am so glad I had the opportunity to play with this vinyl! For my son, it customized computer speakers for his college dorm room and for my daughter and my sister, phone covers. Luckily I have the same phone, so I was able to use it to make the template (and not spoil the Christmas surprise!).

Materials used:

  • AccuPro Wrap Vinyl
    • Carbon Fiber for the speakers
    • Snakeskin for the phone covers
  • KNK Maxx and Mat
  • Blue tape
  • Standard (Red Cap) Blade


  • Vinyl blade exposure
  • 58 Force (Pressure)
  • 250 Velocity (Speed)


I measured the dimensions of the speakers – they were a different circumference from front to back. Then I washed my hands really good to remove any oil or other contaminants.


20131210_192740 20131210_192801

I was surprised at how thick the vinyl is – and it’s very strong. It will make a wonderful scratch-guard. I started out at 32 for pressure and had to work my way up with test cuts until I had it ‘right’ at 58.

Once it was cut, I needed to install it. The first time around, I gave it too much heat. It stretched all right – and became too narrow to cover the speaker surface and it distorted the pattern somewhat. I did much better the second time using only my hands to warm it up, then working it around the corners by pulling just with my fingertips. Now that I figured that out, I love it!

20131210_194922 20131210_194954

After about 2-3 minutes of pulling and stretching it into place, I was happy with the result:

20131210_195302 20131210_195459 Next I worked my way to the phone wraps. I took the battery cover off and traced it with a pencil. Then I scanned it to jpg and used the trace feature to bring it in to MTC.

20131210_195726 20131210_200111

I printed it to ensure things were lined up.

20131210_204525 20131210_204554

I tweaked a few things to clean it up (the pencil lines weren’t very dark). NoteIIMTC

And Voila!

20131210_223425 20131210_223807 20131210_223618

I think they are all going to love their Christmas presents and I can’t wait to try out something else – I’ve been wandering the house looking for something to ‘wrap’. 🙂

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  1. You’re helping me to change my mindset. When I think of wrap vinyl, I think of huge projects like cars. Oh, the possibilities! Do let us know what else you wrap.

  2. What fun ideas! That is why I love this group, it is so much fun to see what everyone comes up with!

  3. Wowsers! These turned out great. Thank you for introducing me to a new product that looks like it could have lots of uses.

  4. You are very creative, thanks for sharing your great ideas! I’ll know not to stand still at your house, LOL!!

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