Christmas tags

Do your Christmas presents look like this???

Yeah. That’s how they are at my house if I don’t make tags. So I was browsing the web and I found these:

DIY Christmas Gift Tags With Scrapbook Paper Scraps And Free Cut File

The problem was, the file was silhouette and I have KNK. One thing that bugs me about Silhouette is they have a propriety file name, but they do not allow you to export into SVG. I’m not sure why that is, but it is what it is.

So… I improvised. The Silhouette software is free so I opened the file, ungrouped each tag and brought the “cut out” to the front and then filled the rest with black. Then I was easily able to take a screen shot and trace it in MTC. I just traced in black and it ignored the red text.



You can do a print and cut for the back, but I just stamped them real quick. This is a great way to use up paper scraps, or even wrapping paper scraps if you want your tags to match your wrapping paper. I thought it would also be cute to do them on craft paper.  They were so easy to put together, I will probably make another set.

On the web site, the poster used tape, but I just used a glue stick and put the tag under a heavy book to dry and it worked just fine.

Machine used:

Zing, red blade, 10/10


white card stock, scrap Christmas paper, glue stick, stamps

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5 thoughts on “Christmas tags

  1. super bummed that the image you posted is gone! came here to grab it after seeing it yesterday while at work! will see if i can go through your steps and drop it into MTC as well!

    • I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I had stepped on toes posting it. Let me know if you have problems. It was very easy to do, just make sure you ungroup each tag and then select the cut out image, fill with white and bring to front. Fill rest with black.

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