Christmas Mobiles

When I posted my Halloween Card/Mobile recently, my friend, Carol, was excited, because Halloween is her favorite holiday, and inspired to create some mobiles of her own for Christmas.  She is a lady with many crafting talents and she owns a 15″ KNK Maxx.  We are fortunate that we live close to each other and can get together to work on projects for Christmas and other holidays or just for the fun of it.  She generously agreed to loan the Christmas Mobiles to me to use as my post.

Christmas Mobiles

Materials Used:

A variety of card stocks and papers (including plain cardstock, metallic cardstock, pearlized card stock, and patterned scrapbook papers)


hot-fix rhinestones



All items were cut on a 15″ KNK Maxx.  The blades used were either a red capped blade(standard material blade) or a blue capped blade (thick material blade) as appropriate for the material being cut.

The other settings were determined by using the Cutting Chart provided in the Maxx User Manual.  Some of the cardstocks required multiple passes.  Since she did not know that I would be asking to use her clever Christmas mobiles for my post she did not record the settings.

Carol used both KNK Studio and Make The Cut software to create the files for the Christmas mobiles.


For each piece of the mobile, cut two copies – one being a mirror image of the other so that when they are placed back to back the edges are even.

Glue the pieces of the mobile onto a strong string or yarn sandwiching the string/yarn in-between the two pieces. Leave a space between the bottom of one piece and the top of the next piece so that the pieces can move independently.

Leave a loop of string/yarn at the top of the mobile for hanging.

Embellish the Christmas Mobiles with hot-fix rhinestones or other embellishments as desired.

Refer to the picture above.

The snowflake shape is in the shapes file in the MTC software.

The snowman was created in the MTC software using shapes from the shapes file.  Two rectangles formed the hat.  Circles were used for the head and body.  A triangle made a perfect carrot nose.  The scarf was created by adding three small rectangles to the end of a Wavy 2 shape.

The Christmas tree is a clipart file from the KNK Studio Fonts and Clip art disk that is supplied with the software.  The tree is file CTREE.CDL in the Holidays category.

The Christmas stockings were created in the MTC software in two parts: the cuff which was created by using the Wavy 1 shape and the sock portion which is a welded combination of a rectangle, an oval, and a circle.  The sock portion was manipulated into the finished shape using the double headed arrow handles when the image was selected.

Click on this link to download the Christmas Mobile Cutting Files.  Christmas Mobile Cutting Files_CarolH


9 thoughts on “Christmas Mobiles

  1. Very cute! You could even hang these on a childs tree. I use to make a “special” tree for Chloe for her room when she was young and had to have unbreakable ornaments…these would have been so cute!

  2. Love this idea! I must have missed the Halloween post, but it’s easy to see how to adapt. What is made of vinyl? TFS, Sandy H

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for the files. These would really be the card that ‘keeps on giving’ as it is removed from the envelope piece by piece.

  4. This is a great idea for the kids to help assemble. I’m going to cut them for the kid’s classroom art project in December. They will love it! Thanks to you and Carol for sharing the files. They are so cute!

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