Christmas in July


For this project I combined my favorite mediums, paper and fabric! I needed to create a card with a fabric element, that I could introduce with ease into a card making class. The best way for me to accomplish this was with a cut out card where the fabric would show through.  My challenges were working with 12×12 cardstock and providing coverage to the backside of the fabric.

My first step was creating three 4×5″ rectangles in KNK Studio. I set them up side by side (with the sides touching). Next I rounded the corners of all the rectangles. The purpose of the rounded corners is to assist me in easily identifying to my students where they needed to make their score-lines. I realised that I needed the right rectangle with a smaller width for so the card would fold easily. I used the ginsu knife tool to shorten the right side and change it to a straight edge. Next I created a large rectangle to overlap all three rectangles for the purpose for welding them into one shape.

I decided to use an angel and used the edit guidelines to assist me in placing my shape. After cutting, scoring and adding burlap to my card…it still looked a little plain. So I gave my sweet angel a message to share and embellished her with a pretty flower.

Supply List:
Bazzill Cardstock Brick [2-270] and Kraft [9-960]
Bazzill Twisted Flower [304039]
Burlap Fabric

9 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. Susan, Your cards are always so unique and clever. It is one of the reasons I keep coming back for classes with you. I thinks those little fur babies keep your creativity blossoming. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice! This looks awesome. I love the burlap background. I can’t help but think of “A Christmas Story” when I look at this card.

    Thanks for sharing, Susan!

  3. This is really nice. I really should start now if I want to get my stuff done too. Smile. Great Job!

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