Christmas Gifts

Personalized Christmas Gifts easy to make. Click on each photo for a full size view of the project.


Those christmas gift were made with glass, etching, and some embellishments like candles, candies and teddy bears. I used my KNK Groove-e to cut the name of the person who will receive the gift. The name of the font used is Captain Howdy.

Here are some tips I recommend for doing these kinds of projects:

  • The part of the vinyl that you remove to make the etching stencil can then be used on something else, such as the candle.
  • Embellish your candle as desired and then wrap the candle with wax paper. Heat it with a heat gun but do not put the heat gun too close to the candle. This will melt the candle just a little bit, so the embellishment looks to be inside the candle.
  • Inside the etched glass, you can put some candy or a candle or also you can make a chocolate lollipop and prepare an arrangement, as I did with some of the gifts.

These Christmas gifts are easy, fast, and fun to make. Some ideas for your last minute gifts!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts

  1. You’ve been busy and very creative. Glad to see the glass etching. Way to go! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How sweet! You are so creative, Omayra! The reuse of the lettering on something else is a great idea. I’d have never thought of how to “imbed” the font into the candles. This could be a great idea for table decorations for a party using a specific theme. Thanks!

  3. Love your projects, Omayra. I am always inspired by the projects I see on this site. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  4. Great ideas, Omayra! I like the double use of the vinyl – very ‘green’. I’m sure the reciepients will feel very special to get some thing personalized.

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