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At long last I have created some Christmas Cupcake Wrappers to add to my cupcake wrapper collection.  These were all created in KNK Studio software and cut on my 15″ Maxx using light weight cardstock.  There are five different designs: Merry Christmas, Deck the Halls, Ornaments, Presents and Tree, and (my favorite) Nativity.  The Nativity wrapper is a bit different because it is actually two cupcake wrappers.  There is a lining wrapper which is very plain and an outer wrapper with the figures cut in it.  The wrappers are assembled individually and the lining placed inside the outer wrapper and a dab of glue placed here and there to keep the two wrappers together.  I have always found it difficult to glue two layers together and then bend them without having problems.  By assembling the lining and outer wrapper separately, you avoid this problem.   A lining can be cut for any of these wrappers using the basic pattern that you can download from  Just use a light weight cardstock or even paper, assemble the lining and wrapper separately, then place the lining inside the wrapper and add a couple dabs of glue to keep them together.  Then it doesn’t matter how unattractive the paper baking cup looks because it won’t be seen.  A bit more work, but sometimes worth the effort.

It seems that no KNK project would be complete with some vinyl, so the star on the Nativity Cupcake Wrapper is cut from gold vinyl.

Thank you, Sandy, for reminding me to add Christmas Cupcake Wrappers to my collection and for setting up the links for the cutting files. Here is the link to download the cupcake wrappers in KNK, MTC, AI and EPS formats:

NEW Christmas Cupcake Wrappers!

36 thoughts on “Christmas Cupcake Wrappers

    • Thanks, Nancy. My Hubby likes when I make new cupcake wrappers because he get to eat the props. You are welcome for the files.

  1. These look great. Thankyou. I do not have my KNK Maxx yet but I may keep these in mind for next year.

  2. These are fabulous. Good grief, it probably means I am going to have to bake. LOL Thanks ever so much for these and the beautiful angels.

    • Oh, no, Jnett, you don’t have to bake. A short trip to the nearest grocery or bakery is much faster, easier, and no mess to clean up! Enjoy!

  3. Fabulous designs Judy. The nativity is certainly my favorite. I had not thought about cutting liners. Great idea! The cupcakes look yummy too! Thanks for sharing your files.

    • Thanks, Rhonda. I always think the cupcake papers look a bit tacky after the cupcakes are baked in them no matter how cute they were to start with. The liners hide that. Enjoy using the files.

    • You are welcome. You can always pop a cupcake liner in the wrapper and use them for candy or nut cups.

  4. I never quite understood the concept of making cupcakes wrappers, but these pictures have convinced me to give it a try. Thanks.

    • Yea, Maureen!! I think they are fun and are just another way to add some decoration to any occasion. Hope you enjoy making them.

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  6. With all the holiday festivities, this is a great way to personalize some quick cupcakes from the local bakery 😛 Thanks Judy!!

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