Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas!

As much as I wanted to make a bunch of fun Christmas things this year, it didn’t happen. :O(

I did manage to make some cute , personalized Santa’s Cookies plates for my grandkids, great nieces and nephews, and a few other little friends. The plates are from Walmart. The Santa’s Cookies is a design from My Vinyl Designer.  The font used to add the names is a 2Peas font called 2Peas Kindergarten. And of course I used my Klic N Kut Maxx to cut the vinyl. I used Oracal 651 which is a glossy vinyl made to last longer than the 631. It should last through many hand washings.

The Joy card is my own design…well, kind of. :O)  I was driving home one day and saw a lawn ornament that was the word JOY cut from wood and it had the Nativity scene in the O. I thought it was so cool and that I could do that with my KNK. And so I did!  I used a nativity silhouette and the CENTB font and just played around with it , welded it, and tada!  The Joy was cut from Oracal 631 gold vinyl using my KNK Maxx. Because I usually make 100+ cards and so far have one mailed out, simple cards like this will help me reach my goal. 

You can download the Joy file in KNK, PDF and MTC formats:

Joy file in KNK format

Joy file in PDF format

Joy file in MTC format

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas! Santa doesn’t need to bring me anything…I have a KNK Maxx!!!!

13 thoughts on “Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas!

  1. Don’t you just love when you see something…anything…and can say: “I can do that with my KNK”!!!! LOL Wonderful job Nancy.
    Thank you for explaining why you used the type of vinyl that you did. I’m just starting to put to good use the samples of vinyl that came with my Maxx and need to find out what is best for each project. I’m loving it! 🙂

  2. Awesome job! Love the ideas for both. I’m using my MAxx to make the Christmas gifts so I can get them done.

  3. Great cookie plates, Nancy!!! I really like the simiplicity of the ‘JOY’ card. Thanks for the file.

  4. Love how you did the card, Nancy. The plates are cute and I bet the kids love them. You might have to bake a lot of cookies as I can see the kids using these AFTER Santa in the hopes of getting their own cookies. :0)

  5. Thanks for these great pieces of inspiration and that Joy card is so nice… thankyou for the files.

  6. Great project! I especially like the hand-written looking font you used. I’m a big fan of that kind of look. It seems more fun 😛

  7. You are so inspiring with your use of vinyl. I never knew the stuff would hold up to hand washing. Please let us know in a few months if it does indeed stand the test of time and use.

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