Christmas Blocks

One of my favorite things to give as a gift is a glass block decorated with vinyl. This year, I had a problem getting inspired, so I turned to Pintrest. The Jingle all the Way is my take on the ones I’ve seem there (and there are many).

The bell was a file from  Silhouette Studio that I converted to an svg file then to MTC. I did a internal shadow so I could get the outline. For the title, I used Cambria font and made a mini bell as the dot for the “i”. I used gold, black and red vinyl from All vinyl is cut on my KNK Maxx 24″, speed of 100, pressure 70. I leave one blade holder with the blade set just for vinyl.

Once I got this design on the block, I added jingle bells inside. The next design I did is my own (not hard to do). It matches some of my Christmas cards. I made a rectangle in black and used a square inside a square, with a thin rectangle, welded together for the buckle. I had ribbon already with Santa’s belt on it, so it was perfect. I added red mesh and red mini lights to give the effects of Santa’s suit. Black vinyl and gold vinyl used.   For the last blocks, I used a circle and a rounded corner square (from MTC shapes). I made an ornament and put our last name in it. I wasn’t real happy using the solid ornament, so I went back, created an internal shadow, joined them, added my daughter’s last name. It turned out much better until I filled it with the ornaments. These are mini ornaments from Michaels. I should have used another color besides red, which I used also for the ornaments. There isn’t a box on this block, so I can change the ornaments out for gold ones.

Hope these give you some inspiration for the holidays and gifts.





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I am a 3 machine KNK owner. I started with the "Yella Fella" and now own 3 (Groove-e, 24" Maxx and a 15" Maxx). I mainly cut rhinestone designs and vinyl for various projects. I also use it for scrapbooking and cards.

36 thoughts on “Christmas Blocks

  1. Nice ideas, Barbie! I especially like the idea of using the mesh inside the Santa block to add color. Please tell me what kind of mesh you used. Filling the blocks with something other than lights is a good thought since they can be placed anywhere without concern for plugging in.

    • My thoughts exactly, Judy. Love being able to set them anywhere. The mesh is some on a roll I use for my wreaths. They also make mesh ribbon.

  2. Barbie. I love the Jingle all the way Block. How did you get you jingle bells to stay in that configuration in your block?

  3. I like your little boxes and think they turned out really great. The first one is my favorite. But you done and excellent job on all three. Thank you for sharing.

  4. love your glass blocks. very inspiring. I have not done any yet. just getting back into stuff after a long battle with cancer. think I have energy to do some of these things this year. I thought I heard it’s possible to purchase the blocks predrilled. is this correct? where do you buy yours? lovely projects, thank you for sharing them with us here.

    • Norma, Sorry to hear about struggle you’ve had, but glad you are feeling better. I get my blocks at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. They do have holes in the top with a plastic cover, made for crafters. They are called Krafty Kubes/blocks.

  5. These blocks are lovely. I especially like the idea of adding jingle bells inside the block. Thanks for sharing!

  6. OMG are they ever darling. I have just started cutting vinyl and love it. Will have to try that.

  7. What great gift ideas! And so simple…I may have to go to Hobby Lobby today to see if glass blocks are on sale!

  8. Love the blocks, Barbie. I really like the red, gold, and black colors together. Very inspiring. The bells are a neat idea. I haven’t seen those before. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I forgot to say that the small blocks are about 4.75″ and the larger blocks are 6″. I usually cut the vinyl about 0.25″ smaller than the block. Measure your block first since I’ve found as much as a .5″ difference between blocks. I apply the largest part first using the transfer tape from

  10. well looks like you may have inspired me! Wish I would have bought the blocks I saw last weekend at 4.98!

  11. Great ideas! Looking for something to make for small gifts this year. These would make fun items throughout the year.

  12. I think your jingle bell one is so cute and clever, I would have never have thought of that one. The others are cute to. Thanks.

  13. what a neat take on these. I’ve been seeing them but I like how you put the bells in and the santa one is just awesome. Nice!

  14. so excited, a friend picked up a block for me and I am going to do one for my son and his family. will be visiting them next weekend and am taking my block light to them as an early Christmas gift. now I just have to decide how to decorate it! love all I see.

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