{Chipboard and vinyl

So, um, you’ve come to expect some sort of 3-d thing and some sort of shaped card from me, haven’t you? I really tried to step outside my box (Go PUN MASTER), really I did, but then I ran across this at Big Lots:

Cute, isn’t it? I decided to draw it in Inkscape and then imported into MTC. I haven’t used Inkscape to draw before but it was actually a decent experience (in other words, I didn’t want to throw my lap top out the window).

I got some chipboard from KNK and thought I would try to make one using chipboard. It turned out boring. So I spray painted it black:

Meh. Still boring.

So I cut out a damask pattern in vinyl (got the idea from the damask cake on the post down there somewhere…)

I drew a rectangle the size I needed and placed it over the pattern and did a boolean something-or-other in MTC. I don’t remember which one I did because I try them all until I get what I want.

Getting better, but I didn’t like how the ribbon and paper fit on top.

A little ribbon, a quilled rose and some lace and now we’re in business. Burned the living you-know-what out of my hand with the glue gun. I’d show you a picture of it (I took one) but I won’t.

It needs cards. This was the hard part. The way I decorated this box reads wedding or love or some mushy kind of thing and at some point I tried to make it school-related (I have the unused pencil cards to show for it and I’ll probably put them together and stick ’em up on my blog at some point). But then when I was cruising Google Images, I saw the cutest flyer with a cupcake with damask, black and red and thought: Bazinga! Cake cards! Everyone loves cake. If you don’t, you’re weird.

I only got one put together. I was up until midnight and I was tired.

A couple close ups so you can see the details (and glue stains, oops).

I haven’t done the inside yet, but I think I want it to say: Keep Calm and eat a cupcake. I think Stampin’ UP has a set of stamps with that, but I’ll probably do a print and cut inside.

I used the KNK Maxx for the vinyl (has a nice new blade and was all set for vinyl)

Zing did the chipboard and other schtuff.

Products Used:

white vinyl from KNK USA http://knkusa.com/shop/wall-vinyl-matte/

Chipboard from KNK USA http://knkusa.com/?shopp_product=12-x12-chipboard-5-pk

Paper: Recollections printed card stock (from Michael’s)

Worldwin cutmates:


Make the Cut Software http://knkusa.com/shop/category/design-software/



Thanks for reading my loooonnngggg post. See you next month!


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20 thoughts on “{Chipboard and vinyl

  1. This is awesome and I love the idea of the cupcake card. So cute and can be used for many things. TFS. O an loved the long post. Sorry u burned your finger. Hope it’s better soon.

  2. It’s adorable all wrapped up in a pretty box!!! Great job as usual m’lady!!!
    Miss your frequent posts on your blog…but then again…when was the last time I put somethin’ up?!?! LOL
    Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

  3. I can’t wait to try this! I literally just bought a card pack to try to recreate it while on vacation! Thanks for sharing and the file share too!
    love hugs and prayers

  4. love your project! great box for those cute cupcake cards. snagged file and will be cutting some for gifts. thank you for sharing.

  5. Adorable!!! I love your thought processes. Thank you for describing your start to finish project. Love it.

  6. Wonderful box! And the cupcake card – OMG – gorgeous and yummy all in one. Love reading your posts. You’re very witty. Thank you for sharing!

  7. The more I see this the more I LOVE IT! I keep coming back and brainstorming to make one! Thanks for sharing!
    love hugs and prayers

  8. Enjoyed the card box. Liked how you decorated the outside. I see Halloween when I see that nice black surface. I LOVE Halloween. I also see Halloween cards but yours was probably a much nicer thought. Thanks for the file and for sharing the project.

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