IMG_2143 I have seen this card in various places on line and I think it was made with punches. I make all of my own cards and having a guys card for Birthdays is often challenging. When I saw this card I thought it was perfect, I also knew that I could easily make it using KNK Studio and my KNK Maxx. I just used the basic shape tool and made the pieces. For the card itself I made the rectangle and the arc and welded them together, duplicated it, and then mirrored the second piece. I lined the 2 pieces up and welded them together. The card was made with Coredinations paper, my personal favorite. I generally use a pressure of about 110 for Coredinations and the speed is usually 400. The Happy Birthday was cut from vinyl and applied to the card front. With vinyl I usually use about 36 pressure but it depends on the vinyl. The nice thing about making cards with a KNK is that you can cut and assemble a half dozen cards in about the same time it would take you to punch and assemble one card.

I am sharing the cutting file for this card with you!

Beer Mug Card in KNK, MTC, and SVG File Format

Happy New Year!

16 thoughts on “Cheers

  1. Cute card and yes it would make a good male card. Like the bubbles at the top. Maybe smaller and few more. Humm gets me to thinking. TFS

  2. cute card! love the way u made the foam and used vinyl to do the sentiment. will have to try doing sentiments with vinyl.

  3. This is a GREAT card for guys…could even be used as a graduation card or any card for guys celebrating some milestone, which many like to do with beer, LOL!! Thanks for sharing the file!

  4. Love the card, Nancy. With St. Patrick’s Day looming in the future, I can see making several of this card using the “green” for the beer. Thanks for sharing the file.

    • Like the green beer idea. For those of you who haven’t tried vinyl for words on cards it is super simple , it makes making a card so quick and easy. I use to stamp my cards but it seems like I had a tendency to screw up and not have a clear stamp. No such worries with vinyl.

  5. I like the idea of vinyl iinstead of stamps but I’m sure I’ll still get them crooked!

  6. Great card! Guy cards are sometimes difficult to do and this is a great go to card. Thanks for sharing.

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