Cheers! Last month I made the birthday cake box and knew this month I wanted to tackle the beer mug box.

I know the sample was done in yellow and white and looking back, I’m not sure my paper combination works that well. I used the blue citrus stack from DCWV. The black paper is very shiny and the yellow paper has glitter on it. The Zing cut through both with no problem.


Did you notice I made sure the lid was on right this time?



On the tag, I used that black chalkboard paper you can buy at Michaels. I stamped on it and guess I smudged it accidentally, but I left it because it looks like a dirty chalkboard now. I like happy accidents.


The finished item is about 6 inches tall, almost 4 inches wide. I thought it would be cool to put some candy and a gift card in there.


You could also use it for Father’s Day, as well. Though I’m not sure I used “manly enough” papers on this one for that.

I used the Zing, and it did the job no problem.


1. Buy file

2. Open file in MTC.

3. Cut file

4. Put it together.


KNK Zing

Make the Cut Software

DCWV paper stack Blue Citrus Stack


About 125 on the Zing. Gave it a little more because of the glitter, it did fine, though probably dulled my blade some more.

Stay Classy KNK-ers. Until next month.



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  1. Awesome mug! I love the paper you chose and the tag looks perfect too, otherwise it would not look like chalkboard! Fabulous piece, thanks for sharing. ~Diane

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