Chalkboards…they are all the rage!

Everywhere you look, there are chalkboards! Part of it may be the nostalgia, even classrooms do not have chalk boards anymore, they have dry erase. So we like to have things that bring back those childhood memories. IMG_3212 seven day chalkboard People with out our awesome KNK’s use chalkboard paint, and I have used it also. But this chalkboard vinyl is so awesome.You can write on it with chalk or with chalkboard markers, which is what was used on the yellow chalkboard. The yellow one was made for my daughter. She travels a lot for her job so this is in their kitchen so that dad and Grama know the schedule for the week. I used the red blade to cut it but the blue blade may have been a better choice. I very seldom use anything but my red capped blade. :~) When you look at the second blackboard, it was so easy to get the 6 neat squares with the vinyl compared to how difficult it would have been to achieve with the paint.

Thanks for checking out Team KNK today!


Chalkboard vinyl


KNK Maxx

red blade

90 force

400 speed


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  1. Both of these are gorgeous, I had no idea they made chalkboard vinyl! So cool! ~Diane

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