Chalkboard Countdown Sign

Ever since my three-year-old daughter saw a friend’s picture of Sofia the First she wanted to go meet her.  My husband and I decided this spring was the right time to visit Disney World since our daughter is old enough to remember the trip and it won’t be too terribly crowded or hot.  We also wanted to do something special for her before the new baby arrives in August.  I made the mistake of telling her about the trip which started the constant barrage of questions.  “Are we going to Disney today?” has become an hourly inquiry.  Sometimes she will even tell me that after her nap we ARE going to Disney.  After hearing it a bazillion times I thought to make a count down board or calendar of some sort.  I remembered I had some chalkboard vinyl from KNK and I thought this would be a great project to try it out on.  My daughter can be involved with changing the numbers and learning to write them.


Materials used:


  • Force: 14 Orcal 651
  • Force: 70 Wall-chalker vinyl
  • Speed: 10/10
  • Offset: .25
  • Passes: 1
  • Blade Height: 25 post-its


  1. I created the file I wanted to use.  The font is Waltograph42 from and the Mickey head is a jpeg that I pixel traced.
  2. My wonderful husband kindly cut and painted the board for me.
  3. I cut the two pieces of vinyl and placed them on my painted board.
  4. Finally I let my child make a huge mess while learning to write with chalk.

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