Duck Centerpiece


April 7 post

In any celebration it is a great idea to have a nice area where your guest and families can take pictures to keep as a memory. With a KNK cutter machine the possibilities of doing this are endless. This centerpiece was created for a Baby Shower for one of my best friends, and was really nice and simple to make.

Materials Used:



    • From MTC cut a duck or your favorite shape.
    • As always, paint the border of your Fun Foam with a darker color.
    • (Optional) put glitter on the border of your Fun Foam.
    • Cover the empty paper towel roll with tissue paper.
    • Glue the duck to a wood stick and glue it to Styrofoam.
    • Cut little squares with the rest of your tissue paper and cover all the Styrofoam; gluing just the middle of the squares that you cut with the tissue paper. Cover the base also using this method.
    • Finally, embellish with some curly ribbon.

Put your centerpiece in the middle of your main table and this will be your overall result.

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