Beautiful Castle / Gift Card Holder And Party Favors Tray



Castle Tray


Castle Gift Card Holder









This is a beautiful castle which you could use in… well, really, any special event! This project is also really cost efficient. Considering it is made out of recycled materials. In fact. Most grocery stores or “big name” stores have boxes on boxes, just sitting there waiting to be thrown out… or grabbed by an amazingly wonderful person with some crafty ideas hahaha. In other words, all you have to do is ask! Anyways, this castle apart from being a fun project, and pretty-eye-catching, doubles as a Gift Card Holder with an attached party favor tray. Also you can complete this project around any schedule, in my case I just sat down for around two to three hours a day, for two days. Now for this project you may want to find a reference image. Even if you have an “idea” of what you want your castle to look like. Having a reference really helps. Now, bare with me. If you sort of squint your eyes, till you cant see, and tilt your head you can probably tell I used the Disney castle as my reference. It just didn’t come out exactly how I had hoped, but look on the bright side. Once i realized It wasn’t going to look exactly like the Disney castle, i was able to play around with it a lot. This not only made it original and personal, it ended up coming out better than i had hoped! It even has a spot in the front for party favors. In other words keep an open mind.  Now in this post i will also let you in on some tips and tricks, as well as how i used the KNK machines to embellish the castle!



  • F = 60
  • V = 150


  1. *Note: All tissue paper will be glued/wrapped using , “mod podge,” if not it can break or rip!*
  2. Cut all of the four lids, flaps, or fold (whichever title fits best) of the small boxes.
  3. Now on the sealed part of the small box, you will cut the slot where people will slide the gift cards through.
  4. After cutting the slot, proceed by warping the box in tissue paper.
  5. Utilizing the flaps from step one, you will form a barrier, or a path for the post card to follow. That way it doesn’t get stuck or jammed on the way down.
  6. Then on the bigger box seal it shut via the flaps.
  7. Now put that small (wrapped) box on top of the big box, where you want it to be, more specifically where it will be at the end of the project.
  8. After you will mark where that box is placed. In other words trace it.
  9. Now you can put the small box aside.
  10. Once you are done, cut a whole a little bit wider then the whole on the small box. You want to try and get it as directly under the hole as possible, I did this by measuring the distances from the hole on the small box. However, don’t let this stress you out as that’s what the barriers are there for.
  11. Then you can rap the big box in tissue paper.
  12. Now glue the boxes together.
  13. Finally you can begin the pillars, using the cardboard tubes commonly known for keeping our gift wrap neatly kept and unwrinkled. Cut it to your liking, then wrap it in tissue paper. (Including the paper towel tubes)
  14. Begin making the top of the pillars, by making a cone out of card stock.
  15. Again, wrap it in tissue paper.
  16. Glue the the cone to the “pillars,” you just made.
  17. Utilizing MTC, design the parapets of the castle. (The jagged, block pattern renown for being on castle ledges). As well as the  door, windows, hearts, flag, and text.
  18. Tip: for more windows you can use the cut out squares from the parapets.
  19. Cut the parapets and windows using the pressure sensitive vinyl. Also cut the flags out of out door vinyl, and the door out of card stock.
  20. Now that it is cut, just remove the adhesive covers, that the vinyl has, and paste it where it corresponds to in your castle. Except the flags.
  21. Paste the flags to tooth picks.
  22. Glue the flags to the top of the cones.
  23. After glue The pillars, which should now be wrapped, coned, and flagged to the other two boxes.
  24. Now onto the third box, the party favors tray. You will need either a “short” but wide box, or just cut a box, leaving a make-shift short box. Mine is about roughly 4 to 5 inches tall, but my box came like this, so no cutting was necessary.
  25. Now wrap it with tissue paper.
  26. After wrapping it, glue pillars to the inside corners farthest to the outside.
  27. Then cover the inside (gluing it in place) the inside of the box with foil wrapping paper.
  28. Then paste the text, which should have been designed in step 17.
  29.  Time fore some fireworks! Utilizing the designed hearts, from step 17, On one of the hearts glue some of the Easter basket filling/”grass.” I’ve found translucent works best.
  30. Then glue another heart on top of the “grass.” So the grass should be sandwiched in between the two hearts.
  31. Now with wire, attach the fireworks to the top of the pillar.

It isn’t  as difficult as it may seem. The machine not only cuts down the time and work, it gives it a “professional” feel. Lastly this project is one you can enjoy with your whole family!