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It’s been an interesting couple of days, let me tell you. I live in San Diego. We don’t get snow days like some of you, instead we get fire days. I want to be over joyed and go out and sled…in the ashes…. but, unfortunately, this isn’t fun. The firefighters have been working their tails off and even though we’ve lost some houses, hopefully the loss of life number will remain 0. We couldn’t say that for the 2007 or 2003 fires. Usually this happens to us in October. We usually have something called “May Gray” where there is cloud cover most of the day, but Santa Ana winds decided otherwise. I read somewhere that the wind speeds have been clocked to up to 80 MPH. Add to that our lack of rain and humidity and our city is one big tinderbox. I live about a mile away from a mountain and trails park so I’m really, really hoping nothing sparks there.

I’m spending the day inside (because apparently it’s 105 outside…I am not about to go find out) with my Zing, making stuff. I made a card purse.



(Yes, I got a little creative in Photoshop for that shot.)


It’s much more interesting than the regular color shot, right? I really liked it in Black and white:


But I don’t suppose you want to see my entire project in black and white. So I sort of married the two.




Inside there are two pockets for you to put 4.25 x 4.25 cards and envelopes. I realize that some of you like to craft in the 4.25 x 5.5 card size (would that be A4? I don’t know), so I included a modification in the file so you can make the purse bigger. Using the size I did, you are able to cut two panels on one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock. 20140515-IMG_3398

Here it is opened up with cards inside.




Paper (I used a Michael’s recollections brand kraft/old style paisley something)



crop o dile is optional if you want the brads.

velcro or something to close the purse.



So first, cut out all your pieces. I cut two panels in chip board and 4 in designer paper to cover the chipboard. The pockets are out of the animal print on the right, the hinges on the bottom left, the purse clasp in the middle bottom left and that rectangle is for the bottom of the purse.




Fold the rectange, bottom piece so that it looks like a W on the side. Think it is valley, mountain, valley fold. Or the other way around. Just do it like the picture


Cover chipboard with designer paper on both sides. The chipboard is optional, but it gives your purse more stability. I inked the edges so it looked better when I was done. Lay the sides you want on the inside of the purse, long edges facing each other: 20140515-IMG_3381



Put some really good tape on the bottom of your “W” bottom piece: 20140515-IMG_3382


Tape the two pieces together: 20140515-IMG_3383


side view:


Put a strip of tape along the edges:


Fold the pockets at the score lines and line the bottom tab up with the tape. Tape the side flaps in.



Notice how the pocket on the left is about 1/8″ up from the crease of the black rectangle piece. Try to put it there. The one on the right is too close the the crease and it bunches up a bit when it folds up. 20140515-IMG_3387

Top view shot of when it is all taped/glued/spit…whatever method you use that works. I can’t really recommend the spit one myself. 20140515-IMG_3388


Fold the clasp and glue it to the back of the purse. 20140515-IMG_3389


Glue the hinges on. Keep them close to the edge so that if you decide to use a crop-o-dile to punch your holes, you will be able to punch them. I had a bit of a mishap with that. Tie some ribbon and decorate the front, use velcro or something to close it, and you are good to go:



Fill it with your favorite cards and envelopes and you are good to go. I need to find the website where I found the idea so I can give them proper credit here. I know it was a stamping up site. There are so many good ideas out there, I don’t have to think. I just convert them. 🙂

Here’s the file if you want to have a play with it and please, if you use it, show me what you make. Then it makes my sharing worth it.


I made 5 of these and filled them with cards for my Bunco ladies weekend. I also used my KNK Maxx to make some “Keep Calm and Play Bunco” cups (like I did for the teachers awhile back). Everyone was really happy to receive this personalized gift. If they weren’t, they lied and said they were, so I’m going with that.

Well, until next month. Stay Classy KNK-ers.


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  1. Very cute, such great instructions complete with pictures! Those California fires are pretty awful, hope they end soon.

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