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Tell Dad how much you love him with a Personalized License Plate. This is a car tag engraved with the name of our Hero, our Fathers. I am pretty sure that any Dad will be more than happy to receive this very special gift, made just for him. I lost my father a year ago so I decided to make this car tag to always have him present. He was a very, very kind person. He won the respect and the admiration of those who knew him. I am so proud of him, that is why he always will be present with us. Anyway, If I start talking about my father (my Hero) I will never finish, I have too many GOOD things to say about my Lovely Dad, Thanks to God!!! Everyday, show your parents how much you love them.

Ok, This is a very easy to do Project. It looks beautiful and fancy, and it is done in minutes..

Materials Used:



    • Design your project in KNK Studio or MTC.
    • Insert the Engraving Tool.
    • I did this project using KNK Studio using banner fill when you click to cut.
    • Engrave your design.
    • Clean the Acrylic.
    • And done. As simple as that!

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4 thoughts on “License Plate Gift

  1. Very nice! There are so many things I haven’t tried. This turned out so nice!

  2. Love this plate and what a great tribute to your Dad too. Thanks for sharing. ~Diane

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