Car decal Sticker

Post mazda 2 car  My Beautiful model, Carlea (she is my Adorable granddaughter), is showing how my brother’s car is looking after I put a decals for his car.

My brother wanted to put to his car a decal with the make of his car. So as always, I jumped like Donkey of Shrek movie, “I”ll do it, I”ll do it”, LOL. I love that character
Omayra, KNK,


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • F = 15
  • V = 150
  • P = 1


  1. I used MTC to design to make and cut the project
  2. Apply the  Transfer tape on top of the vinyl
  3. Clean the windshield very well
  4. Apply the vinyl to the windshield


7 thoughts on “Car decal Sticker

  1. I Can’t believe Carlea is already that big! She’s BEAUTIFUL. And the decal looks great too.

  2. Your granddaughter looks fantastic! We see her future as a model! Congratulations!!!

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