Canvas Pillow with Heat Transfer Vinyl

Create Canvas Pillows with Heat Transfer VinylA canvas pillow with heat transfer vinyl is simple to create. You can use a pre-made pillow cover if you want to skip the sewing part of the project. But I used fabric cut from an unused canvas drop cloth for a cheap and easy alternative. The back of the pillow has a simple envelope enclosure to allow for easy removal of the pillow for washing. I was even able to utilize the drop cloth hem on the back to reduce the amount of sewing. Canvas Pillow with Heat Transfer Vinyl

One advantage of sewing your own pillow cover is that you can apply the vinyl prior to construction of the pillow. However, it can still be done if you purchase a finished cover. However, you may need to place a folded towel or piece of fabric inside the pillow to get a good press when applying the vinyl.Canvas Pillows with Heat Transfer Pillow

  • Materials:
  1. Canvas, sewing machine, thread (or completed pillow cover)
  2. Heat transfer vinyl
  3. Blue-capped blade
  4. Make The Cut software
  • Settings for KNK Zing:
  1. Force – 15 to 20
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 1 or 2
  • Steps:
  1. Open your design in Make The Cut. Size it to fit pillow size.
  2. Mirror the image.
  3. Cut and weed HTV.
  4. Cut square of canvas to desired size (I cut mine to 20″)
  5. Lay out your vinyl on the canvas square for proper placement.
  6. Use iron or heat press to apply HTV according to manufacturers instructions. (You can check here for another HTV project I completed for more in-depth instructions.)
  7. Cut 2 canvas rectangles large enough to overlap and create square size to match first square. I cut my pieces 12″ X 20″. Don’t forget to allow enough for hem.
  8. Hem one edge of each rectangle if needed.
  9. Overlap rectangles so that one hem is hidden underneath,(both pieces right side up) to create opening for pillow insertion. Baste along edges to hold pieces together where overlapped.
  10. Make sure both squares are the same size and stitch right sides together.
  11. Turn right sides out and insert pillow.

Here’s another canvas pillow with heat transfer vinyl. Hope you are inspired to make one of your own!


Canvas Pillows with Heat Transfer Vinyl

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  1. The pillows turned out great! I agree, the HTV is fun to work with. Are you in lower Michigan or a Yooper?

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