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While I was recovering from my shoulder surgery, I was limited as to what I could do. I found some canvas that looked like it would be easy to work with and I could go slow. Now I am full of ideas to use the blank canvases you can get in any craft store and make them into beautiful decorations for the home.
The first one I did with my daughter for my husband’s birthday was a real challange. She wanted to do his family tree to use the information she’s been gathering in Ancestry and Family Tree. Those who did the large wall trees inspired me and I cut it in vinyl in several parts. It took us both to get it on straight. I also cut the “Family” title and all the banners for the names. We had a great time creating this together.

Canvas Family Tree

This was so much fun, I made a couple of other things that I can use as gifts or for my own home.

Home Sweet Home canvas

Key Hanger Canvas

Paint the canvas first with acrylic paint or ink edges and add paper. Then attach the vinyl. What could be simplier? I’ve got some very small canvases that I want to use for small pictures and names of family members. The ideas are endless! Enjoy!

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I am a 3 machine KNK owner. I started with the "Yella Fella" and now own 3 (Groove-e, 24" Maxx and a 15" Maxx). I mainly cut rhinestone designs and vinyl for various projects. I also use it for scrapbooking and cards.

15 thoughts on “Canvas Decorations

  1. Great ideas, Barbie! I have canvases waiting for some creativity. You are definitely an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the idea, Barbie! Your family tree looks great and what a treasure for your family that can become an heirloom. Those blank canvases always seem to call to me and now I have some ideas on how to use them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful idea!! I seem to always forget to think about the many uses of vinyl, and when I do get it out to play, it’s fun to work with! Another project to someday get to…
    TFS Barbie!

  4. HI Barbie,
    I did the LARGE African tree and am currently doing a wall tree for a baby’s room. BUT my question is for the canvas… I have one I was trying to monogram like Nancy did so beautifully but the canvas is not painted. I guess I need to paint it first for the vinyl to adhere? What color and brand paint would you say is closest to the color of canvas? I did a pink border in paint and was thinking of putting the letters directly on it but they won’t stick very well without the vinyl treated somehow. Thanks! Hope you are fully recovered! They turned out beautiful! I would love to see that tree in person! Are those picture frames or more vinyl/paper?
    love hugs and prayers

  5. Can you clarify something for me? Did you glue paper on the canvas and then stick the vinyl on the paper? I have tried painting canvas and then sticking vinyl on it and it did not work, the vinyl kept coming off.

  6. Barbie, I am in LOVE with your famly tree project! I’m really into genealogy, even though I’ve not worked with it lately to speak of. I want so desperately to have a quilt that hangs on the wall with an appliqued apple tree with apples on it…and a name on each apple, with a bunch of them on the ground, too. Will never get it. But sure do love yours!

  7. Barbie that is so AWESME. I never have tried vynil on canvas before, but I am going to try it. You did a great project.

  8. Very nice! I especially like the family tree! Thanks for Sharing, Barbie. Oh, and I hope you’re feeling much better.

  9. Barbie….what a wonderful job you did with the family tree. I am sure it was very rewarding to work with your daughter on it too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I Love your family tree project. It is amazing that you could do all that with a should injury from surgery. Thanks so much sharing. It is just another great way to use vinyl and our machines.

  11. Never thought of using canvas. What a great idea, different look with the textured backing.

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