Candle Light Valentine

Valentine Team KNK 2014

Here’s the recipe for a romantic evening with that hard-body we all love, Maxx…

Love Machine – KNK MAXX
Featured program for the evening – KNK Studio
What to wear? Basic black, of course from your Worldwin Colormates cardstock
Shoes? Stiletto heels. In other words, Blade – Standard
How high a heel? 25 post-it notes
Force – not too much, just a gentle touch will do it. About 100
Speed – We are not that kind of girl…until the lights go down…about 350 ought to do it.
Passes – From Maxx, I hope so. Just once will do get the party started. Oooh, la, la.

Have a sweet Valentine Day’s!

10 thoughts on “Candle Light Valentine

  1. Love the intro to the settings. Could not be better. Love the design too. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Nice job.

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