Butterfly Pen Gift Arrangment

Butterfly pen

This beautiful butterfly pen was an idea that came to my mind when I wanted to make a very special and unique gift arrangement for my very special and unique friend. And I wanted the gift to match the balloon, lol. Immediately, a butterfly came out of the balloon. Now, what can I make with a butterfly that she can use? So I thought of a pen because she has to write every day.

The top part of the pen is a decoration that she could use with other pens or pencils because it is removable.

KNK, Craft Foam, Omayra Duarte The next picture is the arrangement once it is completely done and ready to deliver.
Butterfly Pen Arrengement1

So let start making this project:

The materials that we are going to use to make this project are:

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Force = 25
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the pen:

  1. I found a pretty butterfly in the MTC Gallery, downloaded it, and made a big shadow of that butterfly. I then had the butterfly in two different sizes.
  2. I cut a small rectangle big enough to put around of the top of any pen.
  3. I cut two pieces of the shadow butterfly that would allow me to glue them around the border, leaving a space to fill with Poly-fil.
  4. I glued the rectangle base that I made to put on top of the pen.
  5. Before gluing the two butterflies together, I made the antennas with pipe cleaners and glued them to one of the butterflies so that when I glued the butterflies together the antennas would be between them.
  6. Next, I glued the two butterflies together. Once the butterflies were glued and filled, I then glued the top of the butterfly to close it.
  7. I proceeded to embellish the butterfly with ribbon and paper flower.
  8. Finally, I covered the pen with ribbon so it looks nice and pretty.

Steps to make the arrangement:

  1. I filled the bud vase with candies and covered the mouth of the vase with kitchen wrap paper so the candies stay covered and clean all of the time.
  2. Next, I put foam on the top of the base and covered it with ribbon and a paper flower.
  3. Then, I attached the pen and the balloon.
  4. I made a bow with ribbon and tulle and glued it to the balloon.
  5. I also put more pipe cleaner to the vase to make it look more beautiful.



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  1. This is another one of those “how do people come up with these ideas” posts. I don’t think this would have crossed my mind in 100 years. Great job!

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