{AmaZing Bunko Babes glasses and prizes


Hello. It’s me. (Did anyone else hear that Todd Rundgren song when you read that? Or did I just date myself? Did I spell Rundgren right? Doesn’t look right and I’m too lazy to Google it).

I’m kind of glad that you are seeing these glasses all in one piece because they almost weren’t.

Let me back up. Do you know what Bunco is? If so, skip this paragraph. If not, it’s a dice game with 3 dice and each round you are trying to get 21 points. For example, if the round is ones, you are trying to roll ones and you get a point for each one you get. If you get 3, you get 21 points (which is a Bunco). If you get 3 of a kind of another number, you get 5 points. Get it? Our group is 12 women and you have three tables and you are usually partnered up with the person across from you to win. If you win, you move up a table, if not, you usually stay where you are. At the end of 12 rounds (we usually do 1-6 twice), we count up wins and losses and how many buncos and dole out prizes at the end. Whoever is hosting provides the dinner and treats and we take turns on whose house we go to each month. It’s lots of fun.

Anyway, this weekend, actually, probably as you’re reading this post, we are having a bunco retreat. One lady’s dad owns a huge 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house in the desert and we are going there for the weekend. No husbands, no kids.

Heaven, right?

It is actually my month to host so even though I’m not providing the house this time, I do have to do the prizes and such.

So, I wandered around the Dollar tree and found these cute martini glasses. I don’t drink Martinis, but I might start, just to use this glass. 🙂

I went to Michaels and bought some glass paint. Martha paint to be specific. So I can’t go wrong, right?

20130416-IMG_8878 I used my KNK Maxx to cut the vinyl stencils. Note the holes in the vinyl? This is old school stuff from my parents’ sign shop days. Their machines had those sprockets you loaded the vinyl on, like those old dot matrix printers did. I painted the crap out of it, using a sponge to blot the paint on. So far so good, right?


20130416-IMG_8880 If you sit by a window when you do this and look through the opposite side of the glass, you can see spots you missed, like in the R.

Well… I didn’t read the directions, so when I tried to pull the vinyl off, the paint came off with it. I still haven’t read the directions, but I learned that you pretty much have to pull the vinyl off right away.


So only the dice is painted. I tried to paint the letters, but it went to crap, so I just stuck vinyl on it instead.

I realized after I got everything cut out that I forgot to use that neat feature in Make the Cut that gives your letters a nice warp so they look like they are going across rather than looking like a “V” like mine do.

I decided I wasn’t going to cut them all out AGAIN.


I used white vinyl to put the names on the back.



Stuck cork in the glass so you can see it better.


I had lots of blue vinyl letters stuck to me that day. And white ones too.

But wait, there’s more. Usually, not everyone gets a prize, so they are this month! Last month, all the “losers” went home with a little candle and I thought that was a cute way to have a little something for everyone. I still wanted to do the normal things we give prizes for, like most wins, most losses, most buncos, etc.



I bought this file from Nancy at Cre8tive Cutz. it’s only a buck. I tried to put it together the way hers was, really I did. But I am so glue challenged, I couldn’t do it. Plus, her version is a really cute bag. I decided I wanted to make it into a box, so I did.



I basically used the front and back pieces of her file and then put a rectangular box in between. Easy peasy. Gluing those boobs were a trick, though. Someone called me while I was working on it (at the baseball field where my son hit his first home run!) and said, “What are you doing?”

I said, “Watching baseball and gluing boobs.”

(And right after that, my boy hit a huge home run. I was so excited, all the boobs and pieces to this box went right to the ground and I was jumping up and down like a maniac. And I forgot to take a picture of him.)

So what’s inside the box?

I’m so glad you asked!



Birthday cards.

I know, I know. Nothing to do with Bustiers right? I wasn’t sure if making a bunch of bustier cards was going to be very useful. And I really didn’t want to glue 40 sets of boobs. I made 5 boxes and put 8 cards in each box.



Mr. Krapikreate was awesome. He helped me glue and put these together while we watched Survivor.



And of course, I made matching envelopes. Gotta use my million and one stamps somehow.



When we play, we always pay $6 each and that money goes towards buying prizes. I used the money to buy supplies and spent a solid two days making and putting all this stuff together.  So it’s different from my usual (gift cards) so I’m hoping these will be okay.

If not, at least I had something cool to post this month.

Technical Mumbo Jumbo:

Vinyl: blue, from my mom and dad’s sign shop; white, from www.knkusa.com

Font: LDNoodge

Dice graphics: Lettering Delights cut its

Bustier Box modified from Nancy at Cre8tive Cutz

Cardstock: Joann


KNK Maxx 24″ – Vinyl (I have it perfectly set, with a great blade, because you know once you use the blade to cut paper, it dulls it faster). So I’m pretty much using Maxx for all things vinyl these days.

KNK Zing – The little guy does all the cardstock. And he does it well.

P.S. Hope I didn’t offend anyone with the usage of the word to describe the female anatomy. I do try to stay G-rated here.

P.P.S. Until next month.




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25 thoughts on “{AmaZing Bunko Babes glasses and prizes

  1. What a cool story. It is good to know that even the experts get challenged once in a while. 🙂

  2. WOW! you were a busy girl! I love both projects, But the card set is my fav!!!!! so cute!
    Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. what a fun project to make and receive!! love everything you did and I am sure the receivers will too. your weekend sounds like so much fun, hope you all enjoy your time together. thanks for sharing.

  4. Everything turned out great! And you got to boast about the home run! Sounds like fun around.

  5. What a girl! All of your projects are awesome, I am always amazed at how much work some people put into their gifts. Tell your son there are a lot of people happy to hear about his home run!

  6. Love them all! Which dollar store did you find the glasses? Family dollar? Dollar Tree? LOVE THEM! And the cards are adorable! BAG TOO! I’m sure I’ll have another bridal shower sometime soon to go to. My nieces and nephews are getting to that age 🙂 No grand nieces or nephews yet…WOW that makes me feel old! LOL

  7. It would have been interesting to “overhead” just the part of the conversation in reply to what are you doing! I’m sure you would have gotten some looks.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your creative process, Deb. The glasses and card holders with cards turned out Very Nice. I’ve seen worse boob jobs on real women than on your boxes. Too too cool. I even learned that I should always read the directions. As a retired teacher, I can tell you teachers are often the worse for not reading directions.
    Thanks for a great post.

  9. Your glasses are so cute (and who is going to hold it up to the light to see a missing spot?). But I really love your little cards and card holder…that is way tooo cute.

  10. I bet you and your bunko group are having one FUN time this weekend and I bet your projects were a huge hit with the group! Great projects and a great write-up as always!

  11. Thanks for your nice comments. This stuff was a hit and we had a blast this weekend! We acted like a bunch of 10 year olds home alone in a big house and I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun.

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