Bunco Babes

It’s that time of year again…where 12 crazy ladies go to the desert and stay in a huge house and have a ton of fun. Every year I co-host with the lady who owns the house so I always bring some kind of personalized mug or glass. This year I got little tumblers from Dollar Tree and here’s what I did:



I put their name on one side in Brannen (free on the internet) font and put 3rd Annual Bunco Babes on the other with LD Martian (www.letteringdelights.com) 20150319-IMG_1843

I discovered that you have to be careful not to let the text be too long in length or it starts to “warp” when you apply it. These tumblers have a much narrower circumference than I’m used to using. 20150319-IMG_1842

I used black vinyl from the KNK website. 20150319-IMG_1841

My settings on the KNK Maxx were:

V: 250

f: 30


It’s kind of funny… I haven’t used my Maxx 24 for anything other than vinyl in the past year and a half and I’ve never changed the blade. It stays sharp when you don’t use paper. I use the Zing for any card stock projects. 20150319-IMG_1840

Thanks for reading! Until next month…

Stay Classy KNK-ers

6 thoughts on “Bunco Babes

  1. Love it. Very nice.
    Did not know you could put vinyl on plastic, I will have to try it.

    Can you or someone else PLEASE tell me if there is a special way to clean the surface before you apply the vinyl (windex/water with vinegar, or…)
    I did personalized wine glasses for my friends that I Crop with but the vinyl is lifting in the corners when you cold liquid…it is because I used a fancy lettering or I am not doing something right…AWAITING A RESPONSE. Thanks.

  2. Rubbing alcohol works great to clean the glass. It dries quickly. I have found that when I do not clean the glass I may have issues. When I have a clean surface I have never had an issue on glass.

  3. Colette, I have used this on plastic kids sippy bottles and it sticks great. A friend put her’s through the dishwasher and although the bottle melted she said the vinyl still looked great. :O)

  4. Great Job Deb! You always know how to combine creativity and fun into one project!! 🙂 Hope you had a blast on your girls weekend! I just had one a month ago…we had 20 ladies sharing a VRBO up in Door County!!!

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