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I think many of us are easily transported by the plethora of materials that we can use to create our projects.  Sometimes I let myself sink in the luxury of all that my craft box holds – stamps, glitter, fancy papers…  Other times my mind goes in other directions – I get excited by the design possibilities that software open up for me, and the fact that the Maxx can handle it.  Do  you spend more time on designing the project?  I sure did on this one.   This project was simple to make, but it took a lot of time to design.  For me, figuring it all out was the fun of it.

It all starts with a story (of course).  I wanted to make something special and unique for my nephew.  My young nephew is an amazing example of how the human brain is a sponge.  Almost four, he speaks 4-5 languages.  This is thanks to his parents and his environment.  He has an American father, a Japanese mother, and he lives in Switzerland.  So English, Japanese, German (high and low), Swiss-German and some Italian are all part of his daily auditory fare.  I decided to make him his own logo that was uniquely him, one that I could return to again and again as the years progress.

His mother sent me his name in an email in Kanji, his father sent me a translation of the German and I supplied the English. I   modified a web graphic image for the center.  Since the Kanji in the email was not a font, I had to turn it into a PDF.   I then imported it and the image which had been a raster graphic that was converted into a vector image in Adobe Illustrator , to MTC.  From there I broke the verbiage into top and bottom, and wrapped it around a circle and did some tweeking to produce this logo, which reads, English translation:  Harada and Friends…Builders of the Future.

Logo:  Builders of the Future

Logo: Builders of the Future


Although this boils down to a very simple graphic design, the fact that the software let me create something this unique for him is what blows me away.  I sure could not do this with any other canned image cutter package out there.   To me, being able to do this is the entire reason that I got the Maxx.  Flexibility of design.  If I imagine it, I can design it.

I’ve used this logo cut out of iron-on vinyl (mirror image the logo and cut) and made shirts for him.  Made a poster for him.  And  just the other day I found out that he’s going to be a big brother.  So I sized the logo down, and cut one to fit a onesie.  Thanks to the flexibility of the software that Maxx can use, it lets me build for today, and for the future.  So when he and his brother are older, I can size that logo up, and make those shirts in XL!

6 thoughts on “Builders of the Future

  1. Fantastic, Elizabeth. Love the design and the story that goes with it. Another example to inspire us to
    use our software to design things we want and can’t find. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So cool Elizabeth. I find that both old and young LOVE anything personalized. When we were all named John and Mary it was easy, now with the wide variety of names anything personalized has to be special order and that often means expensive. When I first got my Maxx and people talked about design and node editing I knew that would never be me. I don’t design or node edit. But guess what…a few years down the line I can and do and love designing amd node editing. It is fun to see people who love it as much as I do.

    • Nancy- I don’t do scrapbooking… well nothing as of yet that has made it into one! But I bought the Maxx just because at the time, before MTC came out, the software would let me design. It is my favorite part.

  3. Looks great, Elizabeth! I’m sure there are a million kids out there that would LOVE to have their own personal logo 🙂 It’s awesome that you are able to share the technique used to get the Kanji added. That’s a neat trick that a lot of of may not have known about, or thought of using!

    Thanks for the share!

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