Bridesmaid Gift Wrap

Gift, KNK, Omayra Duarte, My son is getting married so my Daughter-in-law asked me for a gift Wrap for her Bridesmaids. She bought decorative boxes and hearts that says Mr. & Mrs at Joan and I decorate them using my Fabulous KNK Groove-e machine.


  • Card Stock
  • Blades (we always recommend to cut a little shape to make sure what is the blade that cut better on a specific material)
  • Standard material (red cap) blade (for this project I used the standard material blade even it was a Cardstock due that the cardstock that I used was not too thick and my standard red cap blade cut them really well)

Settings (Maxx Air):

  • F = 35
  • V = 150
  • P = 1


  1. I searched the Gallery of  MTC for a butterfly and found a butterfly that I liked.
  2. Then I cut the butterfly with my KNK Groove-e and a cardstock The antennas are very, very thin and the machine cut them clean and without any problem.

Bridesmaid Gift Wrap Decoration BUTTERFLY

3. Then, I cut the name of the bridesmaid to put it on top of the box. I also cut the Initials of my son and my daughter-in-law, as well as the year of the wedding to place them  on one side of the box.

4. Finally, I decorated the top of the box with a message and tissue paper and glue the butterflies on a pipe cleaner and attached them to the decoration. And to finish the decoration I cut the same cardstock to cover the sides of the box lids


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