My office was in need of some Halloween spirit (See what I did there?). Since I have to constantly stare at my computer all day, I figure that would be the best place to add some decoration.

So I sketched up some creepy zombie arms

Next, I created some much-needed text to go along with my decoration:

I cut the pattern out of cardstock and chipboard, and glued them together, to make my design more rigid.

Finally, I applied the cut pieces to my computer, using a little double-sided adhesive.

Spooky, eh? I know I get scared every time I look at my computer! 😛

Want to cut your own Zombie arms? Here’s the file in both MTC and EPS format.




Materials used:


22 thoughts on “BRAINS!!

  1. Chad, I always look forward to your posts. They’re always FUN! Thanks for sharing your files.

  2. WOW! Chad! COOL! You could use those hands for holding lots and lots of things like basket balls, zombie heads, rainbows, banners, and a zillion other things. They don’t look all that scary without the blood dripping words. Great idea – great job!

  3. thank you…i just saw a great window card with hands like that….so they will come in quite handy.

    • What browser are you using? A few people were having issues downloading the file, but I think they were using Firefox. I tried in both Chrome and Internet Explorer, and it worked fine for me. Be sure to right click the files and “save link as” or “save target as”.

      Let me know if that works!

  4. I enjoyed your Halloween computer decoration. Too cool. What a neat way
    to create some humor in your office too. Just another creative way to help
    us enjoy crafting and Halloween. Thanks, Chad.

    PS… I’m trying to figure out why every time I try to download your mtc files,
    I just get writing. Could it be a setting in Firefox? I’m off to try Chrome now.

    • It seems that most people have issues downloading files, when using Firefox. I’d definitely try using Chrome or Internet Explorer.

      Firefox might be looking at MTC as if it’s a different file type, and opening it as text. Kinda weird!

  5. I was using internet explorer. For some reason the “save as” saved it as a ps file. After I renamed it to an eps file, it imported correctly.

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