Boxes of Chocolate for Halloween! FREE FILE

I love the colors of fall, and I enjoy decorating for holidays. We’ve had simply fabulous color here in Michigan this fall. I made a variety of craft projects for Halloween home decor using starch, cheesecloth, taffeta and some shimmery white fabric. Other than cutting the fabric into ghostly circles, I did not use my KNKs very much. I was starting to feel bad for neglecting my wonderful Maxx.

This project is something I’d been wanting to do for a while – in fact the chocolates have been hidden away for about a month!!! Well, it was finally time, so I rolled out my 24″ Maxx Air and cut 2 – 12″x12″ sheets at a time and had plenty of materials for this project in no time at all.


These little boxes were made to fit four truffles or pieces of fine chocolate.


Salted caramels….mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm. Oh, sorry…mouth watering uncontrollably.


I had to keep them hidden because my DH is a chocolate addict! Seriously, it is him. He can usually sniff out chocolate, no matter the hiding spot. I have to buy my cookie making supplies the very day I am going to bake. This time I hid the chocolate under my mom’s bed and I don’t think he ever found them.

20141019_171007_opt (1)


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • Embossing on the mat:
    • f = 175
    • v = 300
    • passes = 3
    • Offset = “off”
  • Cutting card stock (Offset turned back on and set for standard blade at 0.37)
    • Medium weight, single sided card stock
      • f = 48
      • v = 300
      • mat prep = 1/3 Aleenes + 2/3 water
    • Thicker, double sided card stock
      • f = 75
      • v = 250
      • mat prep = 1/3 Aleenes + 2/3 water


  1. Place paper on mat and brayer it down for good, even contact.
  2. Emboss the fold lines using the embossing tool. (Remember to turn off the offset.)
  3. Cut the boxes and embellishments. (Remember to turn back on the offset before cutting.)
  4. Remove the cut objects from the mat. Fold each of the box’s fold lines over and press with fingers or bone folder. 20141019_164702_opt
  5. Add double sided tape to the overlap joints.  20141021_144029_opt
  6. Adhere the ‘tongue’ piece to the two side pieces, leaving an open end for the candy to be inserted. I used the cut squares as a liner for the candy to sit upon.  20141021_145836_opt
  7. Insert candy. Adhere the last flap to close the box.  20141019_165201_opt
  8. Embellish as desired.   20141021_154012_opt
  9. Share with friends!  🙂 20141021_153413_opt

I wish you all a wonderful fall season!

We hope you will consider joining us in Orlando in January for the next KNK Retreat, “Unleash the Magic with KNK“. Master your KNK and unleash your creativity!

These boxes are perfect for any holiday – I made a jump start on my early Christmas gifts too!



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