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Hey Peeps! How’s it going? I screwed up Easter’s date this year and thought my post was scheduled after so I didn’t do anything Easter related. At all. So this post will not contain cute little bunnies and chicks and those nasty peeps.



Have you seen these box cards? They are super-uber cool. They are a card…in a box! But the cool part about them is…



…they fold flat! Well…mostly flat. This card will fit in the standard 4.25 x 5.5 envelope. It will be a little lumpy in there, but most of my cards are lumpy, so I must be well-loved by the post office.

I didn’t create this idea myself, or even come up with it, but I like to think I “digitized” it. At least I couldn’t find a cutting file out there, so I drew it pretty easily in MTC.

Here are some really good directions. If you haven’t signed up for Split Coast Stampers tutorials, you really should. They have some great ideas! And they’re free. I like free.

Here’s another really good direction sheet (and the dimensions I used) from Tina at


2013 Supplies Used-001

Pinterest has some neat ideas of what you can do with this card style.

I didn’t use the card dimensions that Split Coast Stampers used, I believe the card in that tutorial is bigger and I wanted the card to fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock, which it does.


Here’s a shot of the side of it.


You can use the back for the greeting. Obviously I didn’t. But you could, if you wanted.

20140417-IMG_3376 I put a 1 1/4 x 8 1/4″ band on my card to make it fold flat. While this is a Martha Stewart punch for the Happy Birthday border, I’m going to make something similar with different fonts and cut it out with Zing.




I hope this is something you can use. I’m including the file. djm_boxcard.mtc




paper: Michaels recollections birthday paper pack, kraft paper


glue stick

Martha Stewart punches: mini cupcake, happy birthday border (I drew something similar in Make the Cut but didn’t use it because of copyright and all that, but know that something similar can be made and you can size it ANY size you want (that reasonably fits on the paper)



red blade

~105-110 (when I’m getting high on my settings, I know it’s about time to change my blade)

As always, until next month.



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  1. Wowsers! This is fantastic! I’ve never seen these before. Thank you so much for sharing your file and the tutorials. This is going to make someone very happy when they receive it.

  2. Neat card. I’ve seen a lot of these popping up with all kinds of different directions. You shared another neat idea for how to use them.

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you for sharing your file with us; I made two yesterday and have great plans for more today!

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