Blue Ribbon Birthday Fun

Someone inquired about how to do the pleated circle on my last project .  Also, this year my daughter has requested a horse birthday party.  From all of this I have decided to make blue ribbons to put on the goodie bags (which I will be making also) for all the kiddos.  I love making these because they are so easy and can be used for so many things.  I made some last year when my grandparents celebrated 70 years of wedded bliss and I also used them for teachers gifts.  I found a pleated star and plan to make that for the 4th of July.  I have included the file for pleated blue ribbon.  The file was easy to make using straight lines and basic shapes.

Edited. IMG_8203_3526

Materials Used:



  • Force:  165
  • Off-set:  none
  • Passes:  3
  • Embosser Height: 25 post-its
  • Speed:  10/10


  • Force:  65
  • Off-set:  .25
  • Passes:  1
  • Blade Height:  25 post-its
  • Speed:  10/10


  1. Create your file or open the one I have provided (blueribbonbirthdayfun).  If you want text on the center circle you will need to add that.
  2. Print and Cut the center circle if you have text.   Edited. IMG_8197_3520
  3. Emboss the paper so the lines are horizontal.  I tried making the lines vertically in previous projects and for some reason the mat shifted.  (Your embossing lines should be parallel to the clamp bar.)
  4. Without taking the mat out change your embosser to your blade and cut out the project.  Not taking it out it will ensure that you are starting in the same point and your embossed lines will be in the cut area.                             Edited. IMG_8193_3516
  5. Fold your embossed strips.                  Edited. IMG_8194_3517
  6. Glue your ends together with the Double-sided Scrapbooking Adhesive Tape making circle.  I used all three of my strips but you can use two for a small circle (I forgot to take a picture of all of them glued together in the circle).    Edited. IMG_8195_3518
  7. I placed my circle in the ring of a mason jar lid to keep it in the circle shape and the size I wanted.  For other projects I have used an embroidery hoop.      Edited. IMG_8199_3522
  8. Hot glue one of the circles to the front.  I then flipped it over and put a bead of hot glue around the circle to ensure that it is on there. Be careful not to burn yourself like I did!                                                       Edited. IMG_8200_3523
  9. Flip over and glue the other circle on the back.
  10. Using the Double-sided Scrapbooking Adhesive Tape attach the tails together.    Edited. IMG_8202_3525
  11.  Hot glue the tails to the back of the pleated circle.      Edited. IMG_8203_3526
  12.  Embellish, decorate or hang them to your liking.     Edited. IMG_8205_3528


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