Blinging Gabriella’s Shorts!

My son’s girlfriend enjoys all aspects of my business, especially the part involving rhinestones! : ) So, when she asked me if I could add some bling to an existing pair of shorts, I immediately said, “Yes” because the task would be easy to do and yield great results! This is how I made it happen:

Pair of shorts
KNK Zing
Rhinestone Template Material
Stencil Board
Rhinestone Transfer Tape
SS16 Topaz Rhinestones
Shur-Line Trim and Touchup Pad
Home iron or Heating Press

(1) I scanned the shorts into my computer so that I could use the existing embroidery pattern on the shorts as a guide for creating the design.

(2) In Make The Cut, I imported the scan and then manually traced the curve of the embroidery pattern. Here’s a video showing how that was done: Simple Curve Trace in MTC.

(3) Next I measured the width of the design on the actual pocket and resized the pattern on the screen to match. Then I used the Rhinestone function in MTC to apply the circles. Because you always need to cut circles that are about 0.5 mm larger than the nominal stone size, I chose SS19 (0.17 in) for the circle size. For the spacing, I used 0.02″.

(4) Then I made a mirrored copy of the pattern for the other pocket.

(5) Using the KNK Zing, I cut the patterns from cardstock first to make sure they were designed at the correct size and alignment to the existing pattern. Then I cut the patterns from the rhinestone template material using a force of 90, speed of 10 and two passes. I then pressed the two patterns to stencil board.

(6) I used the Shur-line pad to brush the stones into the templates. Then used rhinestone transfer tape to lift the stones out of the templates and arrange onto the short pockets. If you’ve never seen this process done, please check out a video I made a few years ago using the KNK Maxx, as the process is the same: Cutting Rhinestone Template Material on the Maxx

(7) With my home iron set to High, the stones were then heat-pressed onto the shorts. I pressed firmly for 15 seconds. Then I moved the iron slightly over and pressed for another 10 seconds. The second pressing insures that steam holes are not over any of the stones during the first pressing. After cooling, I peeled off the transfer tape and the shorts were ready for Gabriella to wear!

Here is a before photo:

And here is a close-up of one of the completed pockets:

24 thoughts on “Blinging Gabriella’s Shorts!

  1. How cute! To think that I have a 3 year old granddaughter and a rhinestone kit yet I have never done rhinestones. I should have paid more attention at the retreat. :O)

  2. Isn’t it fun to have a girl around??? These shorts look GREAT. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  3. That is sooo cool. I hope to try something like that but must get the nerve up. 🙂

  4. I LOVE this idea! My son’s girlfriend loves my rhinestones too as well as my 6 year old! (and me LOL). I was wondering if you could do this the same way and use a “channel” to set the rhinestones instead of individual holes? How would that work?
    love hugs and prayers

    • Thanks, Carol. How would you get the even spacing between the stones in a channel? Or am I missing something? Email me if you have something else in mind! I look forward to hearing it!

      • Hi Sandy,
        I have a dance design I wanted to use for something for my daugther. I was curious if you could just make a channel in the width of the stones and lay them along a straight line without having to take up space with the cuts of rhinestone rubber in between? Seeing your design made me wonder if it could have worked with something like that in a single line? The space would just be the width of the stones. Just curious. I am not home to try it but was brainstorming it last week but didn’t bother to ask
        love hugs and prayers

        • To add more confusion, could you draw with the freehand draw a dotted line (design) with the width of the rhinestones. The spacing looks good there too 🙂

          • You can use the Freehand tool in MTC to draw a dotted line with the dots any size you want. However, it doesn’t allow you to modify the spacing of the dots. That would be a very cool enhancement for MTC!

  5. Sandy you did a marvelous job. they arereally cute. Have a couple of DGD;s who would love that.

  6. What great idea, soon my jeans will have a new look, Lol. I want to make a design for my own jeans, I love that idea.

  7. Never would have thought of this. Awesome job. The video showing how to make the curve was very helpful for this newbie. Your son’s girlfriend is soo lucky!

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